Hawkeyes and Huskers Make History: Most-Watched Women’s Conference Tournament Game Ever


The Iowa Hawkeyes have once again showcased their unparalleled ability to captivate audiences, setting a new standard for viewership in women’s college basketball. 

In a thrilling showdown against the Nebraska Cornhuskers during the Big Ten Tournament title clash, Iowa not only clinched victory but also shattered records in the process.

Throughout the season, Iowa has consistently drawn massive ratings across various networks, establishing themselves as a powerhouse both on and off the court. 

However, their performance in the Big Ten Tournament propelled them to new heights, with viewership reaching unprecedented levels.

Setting the Standard for Women’s College Basketball Viewership

The Iowa Hawkeyes have once again showcased their unparalleled ability to captivate audiences, setting a new standard for viewership in women’s college basketball.

CBS, the broadcasting network fortunate enough to air the championship game, reaped the rewards of Iowa’s allure, witnessing a historic moment unfold. 

The clash between Iowa and Nebraska now stands as the most-watched women’s college basketball conference game in history on any network. 

With an average of over three million viewers, the game’s intensity only escalated as it entered overtime, drawing an additional one and a half million viewers and peaking at an astonishing 4.45 million.

Sunday’s matchup between the Hawkeyes and the Cornhuskers not only dominated the airwaves but also overshadowed all other contests across various networks. It emerged as the undisputed highlight of the day, further cementing Iowa’s status as a ratings juggernaut.

Yet, the significance of this game extends beyond a single event. It marks the most-watched women’s basketball game in a quarter-century, resonating with audiences in a manner reminiscent of bygone eras. 

The magnitude of Iowa’s performance reverberated through the annals of CBS history, standing as the most-watched women’s game on the network since 1999.

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Networks Battle for Iowa Hawkeyes’ NCAA Tournament Broadcast Rights

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming NCAA Tournament, television networks find themselves competing for the privilege of broadcasting Iowa’s games. 

With the Hawkeyes poised to secure a No. 1 seed and hosting the first two rounds, networks recognize the potential for an enthralling series of matchups. 

Iowa’s dominance on the court transcends mere gameplay; it has transformed into a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences and broadcasters alike.

In the realm of women’s college basketball, the Iowa Hawkeyes reign supreme, not only as formidable competitors but also as trailblazers in the realm of viewership. 

As the tournament looms on the horizon, all eyes remain fixated on Iowa, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in their storied journey. 

For television networks, securing rights to broadcast Iowa’s games represents not just a business opportunity but an opportunity to partake in history in the making.

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