Anthony Joshua’s Classy Instagram Message to Francis Ngannou After Knockout Victory


Anthony Joshua showcased his prowess with a forceful knockout against Francis Ngannou, marking a second-round victory. The former heavyweight champion dominated the MMA fighter-turned-boxer from the onset, securing two knockdowns before delivering the decisive right straight that sealed the bout.

The explosive victory left Ngannou on the mat, prompting swift action from ringside officials who provided him with oxygen. While the knockout was undeniably intense, Ngannou thankfully regained his composure shortly after the match was called. 

This defeat adds to his recent challenges, having previously lost to Tyson Fury in a controversial split decision last October, leaving him with a 0-2 record in the ring.

In the aftermath of the fight, Joshua, ever the sportsman, acknowledged Ngannou’s fighting prowess and expressed admiration for his opponent’s skills. 

Anthony Joshua Acknowledges Ngannou’s Journey

Anthony Joshua showcased his prowess with a forceful knockout against Francis Ngannou, marking a second-round victory.

During his post-knockout remarks, Joshua emphasized the importance of staying focused on the journey to the championship, recognizing Ngannou as an inspiration.

“On the route to the championship, you should always stay focused,” Joshua stated, according to ESPN’s Mike Coppinger. “This was me stepping aside from that mission…But when I saw [Ngannou] and the fight against Tyson Fury, I was like ‘damn, this guy can fight’ so I said I need a piece of that.”

Despite the intense competition in the ring, Joshua lauded Ngannou as a great champion, ensuring that the knockout did not diminish his opponent’s capabilities. He expressed the belief that Ngannou can make a comeback in the competitive world of boxing.

“He’s an inspiration…He’s a great champion. This doesn’t take away anything of his capabilities because in boxing it’s one or the other. He can come again,” Joshua affirmed.

The admiration from Joshua extended beyond the ring, as he took to social media to further express his respect for Ngannou, highlighting the camaraderie and sportsmanship that transcends the intensity of their professional rivalry.

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