Shyanne Sellers Fires Up Maryland Following Upset Victory in Big Ten Tournament


The Maryland women’s basketball team pulled off a stunning upset in the quarterfinal of the Big 10 tournament, defeating top-seeded Ohio State with a resounding 82-61 victory. 

Led by standout player Shyanne Sellers, the Terrapins delivered a powerhouse performance that left fans and analysts in awe.

Sellers, the daughter of former Ohio State men’s standout Brad Sellers, played a pivotal role in Maryland’s victory, contributing a dominant 25-point performance. 

Her impact was not only felt on the scoreboard but also in her leadership on the court. Following the game, Sellers passionately exclaimed into the camera, “Peaking at the right time!” encapsulating the team’s mindset as they head into the crucial stages of the season.

Maryland Overpowers Top-Seeded Ohio State in Big 10 Clash

The Maryland women’s basketball team pulled off a stunning upset in the quarterfinal of the Big 10 tournament, defeating top-seeded Ohio State with a resounding 82-61 victory.

Maryland’s success was not solely attributed to Sellers, as the team’s defense played a critical role in stifling Ohio State’s offense. 

The Terrapins held Ohio State to a mere 35.9% shooting from the field and a dismal 27.3% from beyond the arc, showcasing their defensive prowess and determination to advance in the tournament.

Coach Brenda Frese praised her team’s defensive effort, emphasizing the tenacity of the senior players who refused to let their season end. “Our fifth-year seniors didn’t want to go home, and they all showed up,” Frese remarked, highlighting the team’s resilience and determination.

In addition to Sellers’ standout performance, Brinae Alexander and Jakia Brown-Turner also made significant contributions, each adding 19 points to Maryland’s tally. Their balanced scoring and teamwork were key factors in securing the victory over Ohio State.

Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff had previously acknowledged Maryland’s strength and predicted that they would be a tough opponent in March. 

His prediction proved accurate as Ohio State struggled to find their rhythm throughout the game, facing difficulties with their shooting and falling behind early in the contest.

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Maryland’s Offensive Brilliance Secures Big 10 Quarterfinal Win

Despite a brief lead by Ohio State in the first quarter, Maryland took control in the second quarter, capitalizing on crucial shots to regain the lead. 

The Terrapins’ offensive efficiency was evident, with their shooting percentage spiking to 62.5% in the second quarter, putting them in a commanding position for the rest of the game.

As the game progressed, Ohio State struggled to mount a comeback, particularly in the fourth quarter, where they faced their worst field goal percentage of the game. 

Maryland, on the other hand, maintained their intensity, with every starter besides Bri McDaniel scoring over 15 points.

With this impressive victory, Maryland advances to face the winner of the Michigan State vs. Nebraska game, poised to continue their success in the tournament. 

Meanwhile, Ohio State’s season comes to an end unless they are selected for the NCAA Tournament in mid-March, highlighting the significance of Maryland’s upset victory in the Big 10 tournament.

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