BC’s T’yana Todd Dominates with 24 Points, Secures Victory Over Clemson in ACC Tournament


In a thrilling opening game of the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament, the No. 13 seed Boston College Eagles soared past the No. 12 seed Clemson Tigers with a decisive 85-72 victory on Wednesday. 

Led by stellar performances from T’yana Todd and Teya Sidberry, Boston College showcased their resilience and determination on the court.

Todd, showcasing her prowess, notched a career-high 24 points, including sinking five impressive 3-pointers. 

Meanwhile, Sidberry delivered a standout performance with 20 points and an impressive double-double, securing 10 rebounds. Their combined efforts proved pivotal in securing Boston College’s triumphant win.

Todd and Sidberry Shine in ACC Tournament Opener

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In a thrilling opening game of the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament, the No. 13 seed Boston College Eagles soared past the No. 12 seed Clemson Tigers with a decisive 85-72 victory on Wednesday.

Boston College, with newfound momentum, clinched their third consecutive victory following a challenging 10-game losing streak in ACC play. 

The team’s resilience and determination were on full display as they overcame formidable odds to secure their spot in the tournament.

Looking ahead, Boston College is set to face the formidable 24th-ranked Louisville in the second round on Thursday. 

Despite facing the Cardinals twice in the regular season, including a narrow 69-67 defeat at home, the Eagles remain undaunted and poised to showcase their competitive spirit once again.

The victory marked a significant milestone for Boston College, with the team avenging their earlier loss to Clemson on Feb. 1. 

In a stark contrast to their previous encounter where they struggled from beyond the arc, shooting 0 for 11 from 3-point range, the Eagles displayed remarkable improvement and determination this time around.

Notably, Sidberry’s pivotal contributions in the fourth quarter proved instrumental in securing Boston College’s lead. 

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Boston College Eagles Triumph Over Clemson

With clutch baskets and a crucial 3-pointer in transition, Sidberry propelled the Eagles to a commanding 75-66 advantage, effectively sealing their victory.

Additional support came from Dontavia Waggoner, who contributed 18 points, and Andrea Daley, who added 13 points to Boston College’s impressive tally. 

Kaylah Ivey’s stellar performance with 12 assists further underscored the team’s cohesion and collective effort on the court.

Throughout the game, Boston College capitalized on Clemson’s turnovers, converting 20 miscues into 26 points. Their relentless defensive pressure and efficient offensive execution ultimately proved too much for the Tigers to handle.

Despite a valiant effort from Clemson’s Ruby Whitehorn and Dayshanette Harris, who each scored 26 points, and Amari Robinson, who added 15 points, the Tigers fell short in their bid for victory. 

Coach Amanda Butler’s squad suffered their first loss in the opening round of the ACC Tournament during her tenure, highlighting the Eagles’ impressive performance.

As Boston College advances to the next round of the ACC Tournament, they carry with them a renewed sense of confidence and determination.

With their sights set on overcoming formidable opponents, the Eagles are poised to continue their journey with unwavering resolve and a commitment to excellence on the court.

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