Penn State Prospect Chop Robinson: Three Ideal NFL Draft Destinations


The Penn State Nittany Lions’ standout defensive end, Chop Robinson, made a significant impression at the NFL Draft Combine, as anticipated by many scouts, solidifying his position as a prominent contender in discussions for the first round of selections.

Recognized for his exceptional athleticism among defensive linemen entering the combine, Robinson showcased his abilities impressively. 

The primary focus now revolves around which team will choose to draft him, with speculation concerning his potential selection in the initial round of the draft.

Robinson is among a group of standout defensive players with prospects of being chosen in the first round, alongside Kool-Aid McKinstry from Alabama football. 

Terrion Arnold, another highly-rated first-round prospect, recently offered insights into his anticipated NFL career, bolstered by his remarkable 4.48 time in the combine, attracting considerable interest from multiple teams.

As the Draft approaches in just over a month, it is worth examining the optimal landing destinations for the Penn State Nittany Lions’ standout defensive talent.

NFL Draft Picks: Three Teams Perfect for Chop Robinson

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – MARCH 01: Chop Robinson #DL45 of Penn State poses for portraits at the Indiana Convention Center on March 1, 2024 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Detroit Lions

The Lions have quietly amassed a pool of talented defensive players in recent years, with General Manager Brad Holmes emphasizing the selection of the “best player available” in the first round. 

Detroit seeks to bolster athleticism along its defensive front and acquire additional pass rushers to complement Aidan Hutchinson. 

While James Houston is viewed as a potential solution at outside linebacker, concerns persist about his long-term health and productivity. 

Introducing Chop Robinson to Detroit’s already formidable front seven would elevate the team’s elite athletic prowess. 

The Lions could gradually integrate him into Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn’s scheme, providing time for adaptation while capitalizing on his ability to disrupt opposing quarterbacks and penetrate the backfield. 

Should Robinson be available when Detroit makes its selection, this situation could prove mutually beneficial for both the team and Robinson.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Todd Bowles and the Buccaneers excel in constructing their defense by strategically integrating key players and addressing evolving needs. 

Despite not ranking among the top NFL defenses currently, their adeptness in utilizing exceptional pass rushers, as seen with Lavonte David and others, is evident.

Chop Robinson is poised to join the esteemed lineage of Buccaneers defenders, possessing the requisite skill, speed, size, and athleticism to make an immediate impact. 

However, realizing his full potential hinges on the right scheme and coaching. 

Recognizing Robinson’s value, Bowles and the Buccaneers project to select him in the late first round, anticipating a mutually beneficial decision.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills, while possessing talent across all positions, are in pursuit of additional standout performers to fortify their defense. 

Coach Sean McDermott, renowned for his strategic approach to drafting, is willing to take calculated risks, exemplified by his successful selection of tight end Dalton Kincaid in the previous season.

Buffalo aims to intensify pressure on opposing quarterbacks, with Robinson emerging as an ideal candidate for this role. 

With untapped potential awaiting realization, Robinson seamlessly integrates with the Bills’ cohesive team dynamic and robust leadership from players and coaches alike.

Buffalo possesses the opportunity to nurture Robinson’s development gradually, transforming him into a formidable pass rusher. 

Consequently, Robinson presents an appealing prospect for the latter stages of the first round of the draft.

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