Russell Wilson Released: Broncos Face Consequences of Costly Trade


The Denver Broncos have officially parted ways with quarterback Russell Wilson, confirming what many in the NFL world had anticipated. 

With the new NFL year set to begin on March 13, the Broncos informed Wilson of his release, marking the end of a brief but costly tenure for the star quarterback in Denver.

The acquisition of Wilson by the Broncos was heralded as a significant move aimed at bolstering the team’s fortunes. 

However, the final tally of the deal may leave Broncos fans feeling dismayed. In exchange for Wilson, Denver traded away a hefty package, including multiple draft picks, key players like tight end Noah Fant and quarterback Drew Lock, and incurred a substantial financial burden.

The Seahawks capitalized on the assets acquired from Denver, making impactful selections in the drafts following the trade. 

Pro Bowl cornerback Devon Witherspoon, edge-rusher Boye Mafe, offensive tackle Charles Cross, and linebackers Derick Hall and Tyreke Smith are among the notable talents Seattle secured with the picks obtained from the Broncos.

Broncos’ Russell Wilson Departure Decision

The Denver Broncos have officially parted ways with quarterback Russell Wilson, confirming what many in the NFL world had anticipated.

Furthermore, the Broncos missed out on numerous talented players in the 2022 and 2023 drafts, including several first-round prospects and individuals who could have addressed crucial needs for the team.

Despite the significant costs incurred, the decision to part ways with Russell Wilson provides the Broncos with an opportunity to reset and pursue a new quarterback to build around. 

Additionally, it alleviates the distraction of having Russell Wilson on the roster while collecting a substantial salary. The league’s unprecedented $255.4 million salary cap in 2024 facilitated the Broncos’ decision to cut ties with Wilson, allowing them to spread the financial impact over multiple years. 

While the financial ramifications remain substantial, the move enables the Broncos to move forward and focus on reshaping their roster for the upcoming season. As the Broncos navigate the aftermath of the Wilson era, attention will turn to their pursuit of a new quarterback and the steps they take to address key areas of need. 

The Broncos are prepared to set a new direction as they attempt to restore their standing as NFL contenders, even though the Wilson experiment may not have produced the expected outcomes. 

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