Celtics Run Riot: Warriors Suffer Crushing Defeat at TD Garden


The Boston Celtics delivered a resounding statement with their historic 140-88 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. 

In a season marked by standout performances, the Celtics’ dominant display against the team that defeated them in the NBA Finals two seasons ago stood out as their most significant statement yet.

The Celtics’ triumph was not just a win; it was a historic achievement. By securing their third regular-season victory by a margin of 50 points or more, they etched their names in NBA history. 

What’s more impressive is that they achieved this milestone while resting their starters for the majority of the second half, underscoring the depth and talent of their roster. The game started with the usual competitiveness expected from two NBA powerhouses. 

However, a remarkable 44-22 first-quarter lead for the Celtics, fueled by Jaylen Brown’s 19 points and a barrage of 3-pointers, set the tone for the rest of the matchup. Jayson Tatum continued the onslaught in the second quarter, leading the Celtics with 17 points and extending their halftime lead to a staggering 82-38.

Celtics Rest Starters in Commanding Lead

The Boston Celtics delivered a resounding statement with their historic 140-88 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday.

The Warriors, unable to contain the Celtics’ offensive onslaught, saw their hopes dwindle as the deficit widened. Even the typically prolific Stephen Curry struggled, shooting 0-of-9 from beyond the arc in what would be the worst 3-point shooting half of his career.

With a commanding 99-48 lead in the third quarter, Celtics head coach Joe Mazulla opted to rest his starters, signaling the conclusion of a lopsided affair. Brown and Tatum led the charge for Boston, finishing with 29 and 27 points respectively, while Curry endured a rare off night, mustering only four points.

The Celtics’ exceptional shooting efficiency, coupled with their defensive tenacity, overwhelmed the Warriors, leaving little doubt about their dominance. As they improved their league-best record to 48-12, questions arise about whether they can translate their regular-season success into an NBA championship, with expectations mounting for a deep postseason run.

With their sights set on postseason glory, the Celtics have emerged as clear favorites in the Eastern Conference, poised to make a strong push for their first NBA title since 2008. As they continue to make statements on the court, their championship aspirations grow ever more attainable.

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