Steelers’ QB Situation: Mason Rudolph Talks Resurface Amidst Offseason Plans


Mason Rudolph becomes a major topic of conversation as the Pittsburgh Steelers negotiate the tricky terrain of their quarterback predicament for the 2024 campaign. 

While not the frontrunner for the starting position, the Steelers are actively engaged in preliminary talks with Rudolph, signaling a potential reunion for the six-year veteran with the black and gold.

Mark Kaboly of The Athletic reports that the Steelers have initiated talks with Rudolph, who played a crucial role as the backup-turned-playoff starter last season. 

Although Rudolph began the 2023 campaign as the team’s third-string quarterback on a one-year deal worth $1.1 million, it is anticipated that negotiations for his return will involve a more substantial financial commitment.

Despite the emergence of Kenny Pickett and the Steelers’ connection to other quarterbacks like Justin Fields, the team appears keen on bringing Rudolph back into the fold. Head coach Mike Tomlin had expressed the organization’s intention to re-sign Rudolph early in the offseason, hinting at the veteran’s continued role in the team’s plans.

Rudolph’s performance in the latter part of the 2023 season, making four starts and securing three victories, played a pivotal role in the Steelers’ return to the playoffs. 

Steelers Seek Competition for Pickett

Mason Rudolph becomes a major topic of conversation as the Pittsburgh Steelers negotiate the tricky terrain of their quarterback predicament for the 2024 campaign.

While Pickett was initially named the starter for the upcoming season, the Steelers are reportedly seeking competition for the 2022 first-round pick, and Rudolph’s name has surfaced as a legitimate contender.

However, the potential return of Rudolph does raise questions about the team’s broader strategy in the quarterback market. The Steelers have been linked to other quarterbacks, including Justin Fields, indicating a desire for a competitive quarterback room. 

If Rudolph does rejoin, it remains uncertain whether the Steelers will pursue additional veteran options or stick with a Rudolph-Pickett competition, a prospect that may not inspire confidence among Steelers fans given the team’s recent struggles with quarterback consistency.

As the Steelers navigate these discussions, Rudolph’s decision to return might hinge on the team’s pursuit of a higher-profile veteran. The quarterback market boasts several viable options, including Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, Gardner Minshew, Sam Darnold, Marcus Mariota, Tyrod Taylor, Drew Lock, and Joe Flacco. 

The upcoming negotiations will undoubtedly shape the Steelers’ quarterback landscape for the 2024 season and determine the trajectory of Mason Rudolph’s career in Pittsburgh.

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