Dolphins GM Offers Latest Information on Tua Tagovailoa’s Contract Discussions


Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier is facing a crucial decision regarding quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s future with the team. 

While expressing his desire to secure Tagovailoa’s long-term commitment and ensure his performance remains at a high level, contract negotiations between the Dolphins and Tagovailoa’s camp have yet to yield a resolution.

Despite ongoing talks, both parties appear to be some distance away from reaching an agreement. Tagovailoa is currently set to play the 2024 season under the fifth-year option of his contract, a situation that Grier and the Dolphins organization may seek to address sooner rather than later. 

By extending Tagovailoa’s contract and managing cap hits judiciously, the Dolphins aim to position themselves as contenders beyond mere playoff berths.

However, Grier faces several considerations before committing to a long-term deal for Tagovailoa. Concerns regarding the quarterback’s injury history, particularly his reported concussions during the 2022 season, add a layer of complexity to the negotiations

Dolphins’ Negotiation Crossroads

Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier is facing a crucial decision regarding quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s future with the team.

Despite assurances from Grier that Tagovailoa’s concussion history shouldn’t be a deterrent, the quarterback’s proactive measures, such as training in jiu-jitsu to mitigate head injuries, underscore the significance of this issue.

On the field, Tagovailoa’s performance in the 2023 season showcased his potential as a franchise quarterback. 

With impressive statistics including a 60.8 adjusted QBR, a 101.1 passer rating, and 4,624 passing yards, Tagovailoa’s talent is undeniable. However, his 14 interceptions raise questions about consistency and decision-making.

Complicating matters further are reports suggesting the Dolphins may seek contract provisions that offer flexibility due to Tagovailoa’s injury history. 

Such proposals may not align with Tagovailoa’s interests, particularly after considering retirement last offseason. As negotiations continue, the Dolphins find themselves at a critical juncture in shaping their future around Tagovailoa. 

The coming weeks may determine whether Tagovailoa remains a cornerstone of the franchise’s long-term plans or if uncertainties surrounding his contract persist, casting a shadow over the team’s aspirations for success.

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