Trae Young Injury Update: Atlanta Hawks Adjust to Life Without All-Star Guard


The Atlanta Hawks find themselves facing a challenging stretch as they prepare to navigate the absence of their star guard, Trae Young. 

Young, who has been the focal point of the Hawks’ offensive strategy, is set to undergo surgery for a torn ligament in the fifth finger of his left hand, according to reports from The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Young’s impact on the court for Atlanta cannot be overstated. His exceptional shooting and playmaking abilities have been instrumental in unlocking even the most formidable of defenses. 

Averaging an impressive 26.4 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 10.8 assists per game this season, Young’s absence leaves a significant void in the Hawks’ lineup. In Young’s absence, the spotlight now falls on Dejounte Murray to step up and fill the leadership role. 

While Murray brings a different skill set to the table, with his strong defensive presence on the perimeter, he lacks the star power that Young possesses.

Trae Young’s Future with the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks find themselves facing a challenging stretch as they prepare to navigate the absence of their star guard, Trae Young.

Currently occupying the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference, the Hawks find themselves in a precarious position. Holding onto the final play-in tournament spot with a three-game lead over the Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta cannot afford any slip-ups. 

Failure to secure a postseason berth, or at least a spot in the play-in tournament, would be viewed as a disappointment for the franchise.

Adding another layer of intrigue to the situation are the recent trade rumors surrounding Trae Young. Speculation suggests that Atlanta could entertain offers for the All-Star guard, especially if the return benefits the team in the long term. 

With Young sidelined for at least four weeks, the front office now has an opportunity to evaluate the team’s performance with Murray at the helm. As the Hawks strive to remain competitive in Young’s absence, the coaching staff will undoubtedly be hoping for a swift return for their star player as the postseason approaches. 

However, Trae Young’s absence could also serve as an opportunity for him to reaffirm his value to the franchise amidst swirling trade rumors and a potential shift in the team’s direction.

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