Greg Roman’s Game Plan: Reshaping the Chargers’ Offense Around Justin Herbert


The Los Angeles Chargers have made a significant move in their coaching staff by bringing in Greg Roman as the new offensive coordinator. 

Roman, known for his emphasis on a run-heavy offense, aims to enhance the performance of star quarterback Justin Herbert through a ground-focused approach.

Roman’s coaching philosophy aligns with his track record at previous NFL stops, where he prioritized a run-oriented offense. 

During his tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, Roman orchestrated the league’s most rush-heavy offense, consistently ranking at the top in rush rate on first down. 

His experience extends to stints with the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers, where he similarly favored run-heavy schemes, particularly with dual-threat quarterbacks like Tyrod Taylor and Colin Kaepernick.

Despite achieving success, Roman faced criticism from fans during his time in Baltimore. While he guided Lamar Jackson to an MVP trophy, the offense struggled to maintain elite status, hindered by injuries and inconsistent performance.

Greg Roman’s Offensive Priorities

The Los Angeles Chargers have made a significant move in their coaching staff by bringing in Greg Roman as the new offensive coordinator.

For the Chargers, Roman’s vision represents a departure from their pass-heavy approach. With a focus on running the ball more effectively, the team aims to provide Herbert with better passing opportunities. 

The Chargers, who had a poor rush rate the previous season and have focused more on passing for more than ten years, are seeing a major shift with this move. Roman’s plan, nevertheless, might call for changing the team’s present lineup. 

Elite wide receivers like Mike Williams and Keenan Allen command huge salaries, and young prospect Quentin Johnson is also a strong player, so the Chargers have invested heavily in their passing game. 

The departure of pass-catching specialist Austin Ekeler in free agency could signal a shift towards acquiring players more aligned with Roman’s offensive priorities. As the Chargers prepare for the upcoming season, all eyes will be on Greg Roman’s vision for the offense and its impact on Justin Herbert’s development. 

With a renewed focus on the running game, the team aims to strike a balance between ground and air attacks, potentially reshaping their identity in the process.

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