Francis Ngannou’s Next Opponent: Determined by Ferreira vs. Bader Showdown


The highly anticipated return of Francis Ngannou, a legendary figure in combat sports, to mixed martial arts (MMA) is soon to happen. 

The announcement has sent shockwaves through the fighting community, igniting a frenzy of speculation and excitement among fans worldwide.

After a brief hiatus from the UFC, where he relinquished his heavyweight title in early 2023, Ngannou ventured into the realm of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), a formidable rival of his former promotion. His contract with the PFL granted him the opportunity to explore his pugilistic talents in the boxing ring, a clause he has exploited to the fullest.

In a display of his versatility, Ngannou made his boxing debut against none other than the WBC champion, Tyson Fury, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last October. 

Despite flooring the undefeated British boxer, Ngannou found himself on the receiving end of a controversial decision in the non-title bout. Undeterred, he is set to lace up his gloves once again on March 9th, this time against former champion Anthony Joshua.

Francis Ngannou Balances MMA with Boxing

The highly anticipated return of Francis Ngannou, a legendary figure in combat sports, to mixed martial arts (MMA) is soon to happen.

However, amidst his boxing endeavors, Francis Ngannou hasn’t lost sight of his roots in MMA. His next opponent in the octagon will emerge from the clash between Renan Ferreira and Ryan Bader, the main event of the PFL versus Bellator card in Riyadh this Saturday.

The event, orchestrated by the Saudi-funded PFL, marks a historic occasion as it pits champions from both organizations against each other. Ferreira, the reigning PFL heavyweight titleholder, and Bader, the esteemed Bellator heavyweight champion, are vying for supremacy in what promises to be an electrifying showdown.

Ngannou, always displaying professionalism, greeted the news with his typical assurance. He remarked, Both are champions, and one will become a champ-champ. It’s the perfect match-up for me, considering I’m a champion myself, in case anyone has forgotten.

This announcement comes on the heels of speculation regarding Ngannou’s future in MMA, fueled by his financial success and commendable performance against Fury. Yet, as Ngannou prepares to reclaim his throne in the octagon, it’s evident that his hunger for greatness knows no bounds.

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