Tony Pollard’s Contract Extension: Crucial Decision for the Dallas Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys will soon have to make a crucial choice about the future of starting running back Tony Pollard as the NFL offseason draws near. 

With more than a dozen teammates set to enter free agency, including Pollard, the franchise is at a crossroads.

Pollard, a former fourth-round draft pick, was franchise tagged for his fifth season, presenting team owner Jerry Jones with a challenging dilemma. The options are clear: sign Pollard to a new deal, apply the franchise tag again at a 20% increase in cost, or allow him to explore opportunities elsewhere.

For linebacker Micah Parsons, the choice is evident. Speaking on The Stephen A. Amidst the NBA All-Star festivities, Parsons advocated for keeping Pollard in a Cowboys uniform for at least another season. 

Despite a challenging 2023 season marked by injuries and reduced production, Parsons believes Pollard’s potential is far from realized.

Pollard’s performance in the 2023 season was significantly hindered by a series of injuries, notably a high-ankle sprain and a fibula fracture, which severely restricted his ability to contribute effectively during gameplay.

Tony Pollard’s Contributions and Achievements

The Dallas Cowboys will soon have to make a crucial choice about the future of starting running back Tony Pollard as the NFL offseason draws near.

While his statistics dipped compared to the previous season, Parsons attributes this to the lingering effects of his injuries and the subsequent gradual return to form.

The Cowboys face financial considerations in their decision-making process. Pollard’s yards-per-carry average declined from 5.2 to 4.0 this season, and his impending price tag increase adds another layer of complexity to negotiations. 

However, his contributions to the team’s rushing attack, coupled with his rare achievement of back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons, underscore his value to the franchise.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Pollard’s future, his impact on the Cowboys’ offense is undeniable. Joining a prestigious group of Cowboys running backs with consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, Pollard has proven himself as a vital asset to the team’s success on the field.

As the offseason unfolds, all eyes will be on Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ front office as they weigh their options regarding Tony Pollard’s future in Dallas. Whether he remains a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ offense or seeks opportunities elsewhere, Pollard’s journey is poised to shape the team’s trajectory in the seasons to come.

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