Pablo Sandoval’s Return: A Comeback Story Three Years in the Making


The seasoned third baseman Pablo Sandoval, also referred to as the Kung Fu Panda, is about to make a comeback with the San Francisco Giants. 

At 37 years old, Sandoval has reportedly secured a non-roster invite to the Giants’ camp, signaling his determination to return to Major League Baseball after a hiatus.

Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports revealed that Sandoval’s return isn’t merely a ceremonial gesture akin to Sergio Romo’s sendoff in 2023. Instead, the former Giant is earnestly pursuing a comeback, expressing confidence in his physical condition and readiness to compete at the highest level.

Since his last appearance in the majors with the Atlanta Braves in 2021, where he struggled with a .178 batting average, Sandoval has maintained his baseball acumen by playing for teams in Mexico and even participating in a league in Dubai last fall. 

While it remains uncertain whether Sandoval possesses the form to contribute meaningfully to the Giants, his dedication to staying in shape and his extensive experience in the sport suggest he’s worth considering.

Sandoval’s Impressive MLB Stats

The seasoned third baseman Pablo Sandoval, also referred to as the Kung Fu Panda, is about to make a comeback with the San Francisco Giants.

Sandoval’s connection with the Giants runs deep, having enjoyed two successful stints with the team from 2008 to 2014 and then from 2017 to 2020. His tenure in San Francisco was marked by three World Series victories in 2010, 2012, and 2014, where his clutch performances earned him a place in Giants folklore.

Throughout his illustrious 16-year MLB career, Sandoval compiled impressive statistics, boasting a .278 career batting average with 1,279 hits, 639 RBIs, and 153 home runs. 

Despite his achievements, Sandoval’s return to the Giants might face obstacles, particularly given the team’s depth and positional needs. 

With the Giants seemingly content with their options at third base and in search of a left-handed first baseman, Sandoval’s comeback bid may face challenges fitting into the team’s current roster construction. 

Nevertheless, his history with the organization and his tenacity suggest that Sandoval’s return to the Giants camp will be one to watch closely as the season approaches.

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