New York Takes Action: Curfew Enforced at 20 Migrant Shelters Amid Safety Concerns


New York City is extending its curfew to more areas in reaction to recent violent occurrences involving migrant shelter inmates. 

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration announced that starting Monday, 20 migrant shelters will be subject to an 11 pm to 6 am curfew, following the initial imposition of restrictions at four other sites.

According to spokesperson Kayla Mamelak, approximately 3,600 migrants will be affected by the expanded curfew, with the largest emergency center accommodating nearly 1,000 migrants in Long Island City, Queens.

The decision to implement curfews comes after neighborhood complaints prompted city officials to initially impose restrictions on four shelters last month. 

Mamelak stated that these measures align with existing curfews at traditional homeless shelters in New York City and aim to facilitate more efficient management of migrant populations under the city’s care.

Mamelak Highlights New York City’s Commitment

New York City is extending its curfew to more areas in reaction to recent violent occurrences involving migrant shelter inmates.

Acknowledging the importance of prioritizing the health and safety of both asylum seekers and New York residents, Mamelak emphasized the city’s commitment to addressing the national humanitarian crisis while ensuring the well-being of all parties involved.

The need for increased security measures arises amidst a series of alarming incidents involving migrant residents. Last Friday, a 15-year-old from Venezuela was arrested for firing a weapon in Times Square while evading police after suspected shoplifting. 

This incident resulted in injuries to a tourist from Brazil. Additionally, a viral video depicting a brawl between migrants and police in Times Square last month led to multiple arrests.

With the expansion of the curfew to a total of 24 migrant shelters, representing a fraction of the city’s over 200 such facilities, New York City aims to mitigate the risk of further violence and crime in areas housing newly arrived asylum seekers. 

As the city grapples with managing the influx of migrants, ensuring their safety while addressing community concerns remains a top priority for municipal authorities.

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