Divorce Survival Guide: Restoring Financial Health and Stability


Divorce can disrupt your life, including finances, but practical steps can ease the financial burden amidst emotional healing.

Ben Evans, a family law solicitor at Co-op Legal Services, emphasizes the financial concerns often associated with divorce. Research commissioned by Co-op Legal Services revealed that nearly a quarter of people delay divorce proceedings due to financial worries, yet many regret this decision later.

Evans advises individuals to carefully evaluate their situation before proceeding with divorce. Marriage counseling or attempts to reconcile might be worthwhile, but if the relationship is irreparable, divorce may be the best option.

For those facing divorce, Evans offers essential steps to address financial challenges. Firstly, gather all pertinent information about household and personal finances to seek appropriate advice and plan for the future. Contact financial institutions for details on accounts and bills, ensuring there’s no suspicious activity.

Legal and Emotional Support Amid Divorce

Divorce can disrupt your life, including finances, but practical steps can ease the financial burden amidst emotional healing.

When partners contribute differently financially, it becomes imperative to comprehend home finances. You really should become familiar with the nuances of financial participation in the home.

In the event of breakdowns in communication, it is advisable to contemplate the option of freezing joint accounts. Additionally, if there is a need, it is essential to take steps to eliminate any financial associations from credit reports.

Regarding practicalities like council tax liability and budgeting, proactive communication with relevant authorities and utilizing budgeting tools can be invaluable. Additionally, don’t overlook pension considerations, especially if there’s a significant earning gap between partners.

Updating legal documents such as wills and passwords, and seeking support from friends, family, or support groups, can aid in navigating the challenges of divorce. Above all, Evans stresses the importance of seeking professional legal advice to navigate the complexities of divorce effectively.

Divorce is undoubtedly challenging, particularly when it involves significant life changes, but with careful planning, support, and professional guidance, individuals can navigate the process and secure their financial well-being amidst the emotional turmoil.

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