Michigan Woman’s Unexplained Home Death Sparks Family’s Plea for DNA Testing


The tragic death of Megan Drumhiller, a 31-year-old woman from Michigan, has left her family in a state of anguish and frustration. 

Megan was discovered deceased in her Carrollton Township home on January 28, 2022, just after returning from a holiday visit with loved ones. 

Over two years have passed since her untimely demise, yet little progress has been made in the investigation into her homicide. In a desperate bid for justice, Megan’s parents have offered a substantial $100,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of those responsible.

In an interview, Lynette Drumhiller, Megan’s mother, acknowledged the family’s shock at the case’s lack of advancement. 

They had expected a quick resolution, even though they had given Michigan officials complete access to Megan’s personal documents and possessions, including phone data and medical records. But there have been hiccups and delays in the probe.

Crucial evidence collected from the crime scene, which could potentially yield DNA evidence, remains unprocessed. Megan’s cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation, heightening concerns that her killer or killers may still be at large. 

Reforming Michigan’s Criminal Justice System

The tragic death of Megan Drumhiller, a 31-year-old woman from Michigan, has left her family in a state of anguish and frustration.

The Drumhillers’ pain was exacerbated when they discovered other shortcomings in the Michigan investigation, including incorrect handling of DNA evidence and subpar witness interviews.

The family’s ordeal has been exacerbated by erroneous reports from authorities, including a mistaken claim of another woman’s DNA found at the scene. This miscommunication plunged the Drumhillers into further distress until it was clarified that the DNA belonged to Megan herself.

Despite the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office taking over the case, Megan’s family remains frustrated by the lack of progress. Their primary concern is uncovering the truth about Megan’s death, but they also worry about other families facing similar challenges in seeking justice for their loved ones.

As they grapple with the agony of their loss, the Drumhillers hope that their daughter’s case will shed light on broader issues within the criminal justice system. Their plea for answers reflects a broader national concern, as homicide clearance rates in the United States languish below 50%, according to FBI data. 

The tremendous sadness of losing their precious daughter has overshadowed the Drumhillers’ tough battle in their quest for Michigan justice.

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