COVID-19 Hospitalizations Dip Following Holiday Increase, Highlighting Ongoing Need for Caution


The state Department of Health has reported that Rhode Island hospitals have had a decrease in COVID-19 admissions, moving from a medium to a low level. 

However, officials emphasize the importance of continued vigilance despite this improvement.

Joseph Wendelken, spokesperson for the health department, underscores that while the COVID-19 admission level has decreased, the state is still witnessing a significant number of hospitalizations each month due to the virus. 

The recent holiday season contributed to a surge in cases, prompting the elevation of the hospital admission level from low to medium on January 5th. However, it reverted to low status by January 26th.

These hospital admission levels serve as indicators of COVID risk statewide, categorized as low, medium, or high based on the population. Low signifies hospital admissions below 10 per 100,000 Rhode Islanders per week.

In December, Rhode Island hospitals recorded 401 COVID-19 admissions, with a slight decrease to 368 in January. Nevertheless, the health department cautions that January data is still being collected, suggesting potential changes. 

Rising COVID-19-Related Deaths

The state Department of Health has reported that Rhode Island hospitals have had a decrease in COVID-19 admissions, moving from a medium to a low level.

Additionally, COVID-19-related deaths in Rhode Island increased from 22 in December to 36 in January, pending finalization of January data.

In response to the increase in hospital admissions observed during the previous month, medical facilities operated by Lifespan and Care New England have implemented the reintroduction of mandatory mask-wearing protocols.

Doreen Scanlon Gavigan, public relations manager for Care New England, emphasizes the ongoing prevalence of respiratory illnesses in the community, prompting continued vigilance and adherence to safety measures.

The health department provides essential tips to prevent COVID-19 transmission, including vaccination, symptom monitoring, testing, and isolation protocols. It stresses the importance of getting vaccinated and staying home when sick, particularly to protect vulnerable individuals.

Even though the hospital admission level has decreased, it is imperative for residents of Rhode Island to continue exercising caution and diligently follow preventive measures in order to effectively mitigate the transmission of COVID-19.

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