Former WWE Worker Takes Legal Action: Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Targets Vince McMahon


Former WWE employee Janel Grant upends the wrestling business by accusing Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis of grave sexual misconduct.

Filed in US District Court in Connecticut, where WWE is headquartered, the 67-page document contains deeply troubling accusations that have sent shockwaves through the industry.

Grant, who held positions in WWE’s legal and talent departments, claims in her lawsuit that McMahon, now 78, coerced her into a sexual relationship under the guise of employment and advancement opportunities within the company. 

Shockingly, she alleges that McMahon went as far as distributing pornographic material featuring her to other men, including fellow WWE employees.

The lawsuit also implicates John Laurinaitis, WWE’s former head of talent relations and general manager, as a defendant. In an uncommon move, Grant’s representatives have chosen to make her identity public, breaking the usual anonymity surrounding sexual assault cases.

According to Grant’s lawyer, Ann Callis, the primary aim of the complaint is to prevent other women from falling victim to similar abuses. Callis emphasized the importance of holding individuals and corporations accountable for their actions, particularly within the confines of a powerful and influential organization like WWE.

Repercussions Beyond WWE

Former WWE employee Janel Grant upends the wrestling business by accusing Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis of grave sexual misconduct.

While WWE’s parent company, TKO Group, has acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations, they maintain that McMahon does not oversee the day-to-day operations of the company. However, the lawsuit paints a disturbing picture of McMahon’s alleged behavior, suggesting a pattern of coercion and exploitation.

Grant’s claims detail a harrowing narrative, alleging that McMahon offered her a job at WWE following the death of her parents, with the understanding that her employment was contingent upon engaging in a sexual relationship with him and later with Laurinaitis and others.

The lawsuit also alleges that McMahon facilitated a commercial sex act venture involving one of WWE’s star wrestlers, further complicating the already sordid allegations. 

Grant is seeking unspecified monetary damages and aims to invalidate a $3 million nondisclosure agreement, of which she claims to have received only a fraction.

Vince McMahon, a towering figure in the wrestling world, has long been synonymous with WWE’s success. Yet, these allegations cast a dark shadow over his legacy and highlight a troubling aspect of the industry that Grant and her legal team are committed to addressing through legal recourse.

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