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UFO Takes a Divine Turn: Congressman Links Unexplained Phenomena to Extradimensional Angels


Congressman Eric Burlison (R-MO) has unexpectedly added a religious element to the ongoing debate about UFOs concerning extraterrestrial life.

During a recent episode of That UFO Podcast, Burlison took an unexpected theological angle, suggesting that these unidentified objects in the sky might be angels sent by God himself.

While acknowledging that the term angels may not precisely align with the Biblical narrative, Burlison argued that, to him, it is synonymous with extra dimensional beings. He posited that these entities could exist outside our dimension, citing various scriptures, including the Bible, where messengers of God or angels are described in similar terms.

This theological speculation follows Burlison’s attendance at a classified briefing about UFOs earlier this month. 

Despite the experience, he maintained that nothing he learned had fundamentally altered his worldview. “There’s nothing that’s been said that’s changed my worldview,” he affirmed, expressing trust in the credibility of the individuals who testified publicly about their UFO encounters.

Burlison’s Unique Take on UFOs and Theology

Congressman Eric Burlison (R-MO) has unexpectedly added a religious element to the ongoing debate about UFOs concerning extraterrestrial life.

Burlison is not the only lawmaker to draw a connection between UFOs and religious texts. Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) previously claimed that UFOs were mentioned in the Bible, referencing Ezekiel’s description of a flying wheel.

The UFO discussion, however, has been fraught with drama and controversy. Last summer, allegations surfaced from an Air Force veteran, David Grusch, suggesting a government cover-up of recovered alien spacecraft and deceased “pilots.” 

Burlison, part of a House Oversight Subcommittee investigating these matters, advocated for the renewal of Grusch’s security clearance in an effort to uncover the truth behind the alleged cover-up.

While Burlison has expressed skepticism about extraterrestrial visitations in the past, his latest musings on angels and extradimensional beings have raised eyebrows, even within UFO truther circles. Some critics dismissed his comments as dark ages medieval, emphasizing the need for a more grounded and evidence-based approach to the UFO phenomenon.

In conclusion, Burlison’s unique perspective on UFOs, blending theology with skepticism and mistrust of government, highlights the diverse range of opinions within the ongoing debate surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena.

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