Michigan Officer and Courageous Dog in Daring Rescue of Senior from Icy Waters


An amazing event occurred on Michigan’s Arbutus Lake when a 65-year-old man fell through the freezing surface and was in immediate danger. 

The unfolding ice rescue showcased the quick thinking and resourcefulness of Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer Kammeron Bennetts, who utilized an innovative approach involving the man’s faithful dog, Ruby.

Concerned bystanders immediately dialed 911 upon witnessing the man struggling in the frigid waters, with only his head and shoulders above the delicate ice. 

Officer Bennetts recorded the whole rescue effort using a body camera. Bennetts attempted a standard rescue disk attached to a rope at first, but then had an unusual idea. In a panicked tone, he called to the trapped gentleman, “Send your pup here. Will she come to me?” When the man yelled out to his dog, Ruby, she immediately came running over to Bennetts. 

Displaying ingenuity, the officer attached the rescue disc to Ruby’s collar and directed the man to retrieve it from his loyal canine companion.

Michigan’s Quick and Inventive Response

An amazing event occurred on Michigan’s Arbutus Lake when a 65-year-old man fell through the freezing surface and was in immediate danger.

The man took the disc in his hands and kicked his legs to raise his feet to the surface as directed by Bennetts. Bennetts skillfully hauled the man to a safer patch of ice close to the edge of the lake by pulling on the rope. 

Assisted by a local firefighter, the successful rescue concluded with Ruby still connected to the rope. Following the ordeal, the man was transported to a hospital for treatment and later released.

The Michigan State Police lauded the rescue effort on various social media platforms, particularly praising Ruby’s indispensable role. 

A tweet highlighted Officer Bennetts’ creative thinking and teamwork, expressing admiration for the canine companion, stating, “What a good girl!!! Amazing ice rescue from 7th District, MCO Bennetts. 

Creative thinking helped save a life!! EXCELLENT JOB MCO Bennetts and RUBY!!” This heartwarming story underscores the significance of quick and inventive responses in life-threatening situations, showcasing the valuable contributions of both human and canine heroes.

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