Student Loan Win: Biden’s Latest Move Erases $5 Billion for 74,000 Borrowers


President Biden has unveiled a significant move to alleviate the burden of student debt by forgiving $5 billion for an additional 74,000 borrowers. 

This marks the latest round of debt cancellation following the Supreme Court’s nullification of the president’s broader student loan forgiveness program.

The beneficiaries of this latest initiative include approximately 44,000 individuals in crucial professions such as teachers, nurses, and firefighters, eligible for debt forgiveness after a decade of public service. 

Additionally, nearly 30,000 recipients have been diligently repaying their loans for over 20 years but did not receive the relief they were entitled to under income-based plans.

With this recent round of student loan forgiveness, President Biden shared that over 3.7 million Americans have had their debt erased under his administration, emphasizing his commitment to easing the financial burden associated with higher education.

Biden’s Presidential Actions on Student Loan

President Biden has unveiled a significant move to alleviate the burden of student debt by forgiving $5 billion for an additional 74,000 borrowers.

Biden said, “From day one of my administration, I vowed to improve the student loan system so that higher education provides Americans with opportunity and prosperity, not unmanageable burdens of student loan debt.” 

He reaffirmed that he will do everything in his power to support student loan borrowers in realizing their goals and offering them assistance. President Biden has addressed the issue of student debt with a number of initiatives during his administration

Initiatives include the introduction of a new income-driven repayment plan last year, targeted debt forgiveness for specific borrower groups, and the recent announcement that individuals with less than $12,000 in loans, repaying for a decade, will see their remaining debt canceled starting in February.

While the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s comprehensive program in June, which aimed to provide relief to 40 million Americans with potential debt cancellations of up to $20,000, the president remains dedicated to finding viable solutions within the constraints of federal law. 

Despite setbacks, the ongoing commitment to tackling student debt showcases the administration’s dedication to creating a more manageable path for individuals pursuing higher education.

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