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Ancient Alien Mysteries Unraveled: Truths About Alien Corpses Revealed


Forensic scientists have debunked the mystery surrounding the two alleged Alien mummies that gained widespread attention last year. 

The doll-like figures, discovered at a Peru airport en route to Mexico in September 2023, were initially presented as extraterrestrial beings by Mexican reporter Jaime Maussan. 

However, forensic experts from Peru’s prosecutor’s office have confirmed that the ‘aliens’ are, in fact, elaborate fakes. The figures, resembling mummified bodies in traditional Andean attire, were crafted from a combination of paper, glue, metal, and a mix of human and animal bones. 

Forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada emphatically stated that the dolls were not assembled during pre-Hispanic times, dispelling any notions of their extraterrestrial origin. The strange three-fingered hand, believed to be associated with the same region, was also analyzed and found to have no connection to Alien life.

The discovery of the dolls at Lima airport inside a courier cardboard box intended for a Mexican recipient raised numerous questions. The parcel was intercepted by customs, preventing its intended delivery. 

Forensic Revelations and Alien Conclusions

Forensic scientists have debunked the mystery surrounding the two alleged Alien mummies that gained widespread attention last year.

The person or entity responsible for crafting these enigmatic figures and the underlying reason for their creation remain shrouded in mystery, with both the owner’s identity and the motive behind their artistic or symbolic expression remaining undisclosed or unclear.

Former US navy pilot and UFO specialist Ryan Graves, who testified before the Mexican congress when the dolls were showcased, dismissed the discovery as an unsubstantiated stunt.

Graves, the executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, characterized the incident as a setback for the UFO issue, emphasizing the need for a more rigorous approach.

Despite the prevalence of UFO-related incidents and reports, the scientific community remains cautious, with only a small percentage deemed possibly anomalous. 

The US government has increasingly taken the UFO issue seriously in recent years, driven partly by concerns that such phenomena may be linked to foreign surveillance

Nevertheless, the forensic revelation surrounding the Alien mummies underscores the importance of scrutinizing extraordinary claims with a scientific lens before jumping to extraterrestrial conclusions.

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