Amazon Under Fire: Reports Suggest Disturbing Tactics in Dealing with Unwanted Employees


Amazon is reportedly using undisclosed tactics to make employees leave, indicating possible covert workforce management strategies.

These strategies involve placing more employees in the lowest performance categories, implementing stringent office return policies, and, at times, withholding work assignments from employees.

The intention behind these tactics, as per insider accounts, is to quietly reduce the workforce without the disruptions typically associated with direct layoffs.

Former Amazon Web Services senior employee Justin Garrison described his departure as a silent sacking, emphasizing that this approach allows Amazon to cut operational costs without negatively impacting its stock price. 

Garrison pointed out that traditional layoffs often result in negative news coverage, leading to a temporary dip in stock value. While the stock may eventually recover as earnings reflect reduced overhead, the internal morale and trust within the company could suffer, potentially causing long-term harm.

Amazon, however, refuted these allegations through a spokesperson, stating, “These anonymous anecdotes about performance management are inaccurate.” The spokesperson acknowledged that such experiences might be challenging for the employees involved but insisted that it is not unusual for a company of Amazon’s size. 

Amazon’s Workforce Management Strategies in Focus

Amazon is reportedly using undisclosed tactics to make employees leave, indicating possible covert workforce management strategies.

The company emphasized that such situations are to be expected from any business focused on consistently delivering for its customers. At the core of these alleged tactics is an increase in performance improvement plans, a key component of Amazon’s strategy to manage what it terms unregretted attrition. 

According to reports, managers have been instructed to place more employees on these plans, raising concerns about the potential loss of valuable experience and knowledge, particularly in critical areas such as cloud infrastructure services.

As Amazon navigates these workforce management strategies, the company faces scrutiny over how it balances operational efficiency with employee well-being and the preservation of institutional knowledge. 

The evolving dynamics within Amazon’s workforce management underscore the challenges faced by large corporations in maintaining a delicate equilibrium between organizational goals and employee satisfaction.

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