United States Military Strikes Against Houthis: Air and Sea Assaults in Retaliatory Operation


The United States has started military operations against the Houthi rebels in Yemen in concert with the UK and other partners. 

The primary objective is to counter the group’s relentless attacks on commercial shipping vessels navigating crucial waterways.

According to a United States defense official, the strikes were conducted from airborne, surface, and subsurface platforms, specifically targeting Houthi radar stations, storage facilities, and launch sites for drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. 

Importantly, the official underscored that all selected targets were classified as military objectives and strategically located in areas devoid of civilian presence.

The purpose of these strikes is twofold to safeguard both US and international shipping vessels and to degrade the Houthi rebels’ capabilities. President Joe Biden characterized these actions as defensive, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to taking further measures to protect people and international commerce.

The military response comes after a series of warnings from the US, the UK, and other nations to the Iran-backed rebels. 

United States Warnings and Diplomatic Attempts

The United States has started military operations against the Houthi rebels in Yemen in concert with the UK and other partners.

The Houthis were advised by these warnings to stop attacking international shipping lanes close to Yemen’s shore. The latest military involvement was prompted by the Houthi rebels’ persistent provocations, which defied prior diplomatic attempts and condemnations.

Mick Ryan, a retired Major General in the Australian Army and military strategist, pointed out that these strikes indicate a shift in approach after diplomatic measures failed to deter Houthi interference with international trade. 

The Houthis’ recent large-scale attack, involving 18 drones and several missiles, compelled naval assets from the US and UK to intervene, preventing damage but escalating tensions.

Following a joint statement on January 3 by the United States and over a dozen allies condemning the Houthi actions, subsequent attacks led to additional warnings. 

Western officials expressed concerns about the global ramifications of disruptions caused by the rebels. Despite fears of regional escalation, the strikes are framed as a direct response to Houthi aggression and tensions in the region, according to military strategist Mick Ryan.

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