Texas County Officials Label Border Situation an ‘Invasion’ Under Biden’s Policies


During the immigration debate, Texas counties label the state’s border situation as an invasion in alignment with the US and Texas Constitutions.

The invocation of Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution, which mandates the federal government to protect states against invasions, underscores their frustration with what they perceive as federal inaction under President Biden’s leadership.

The Biden administration’s approach to the surge of illegal immigration has drawn sharp criticism from these countries. 

They accuse the administration and Democratic lawmakers of failing to adequately safeguard American citizens from the influx of illegal immigrants and criminal elements penetrating the southern border. Instead, they argue, Washington’s response has been limited to verbal assurances, doing little to curb the flow of illegal entry.

Fifty Texas counties, including Bandera, Schleicher, and Uvalde, have rallied against this perceived crisis, citing the power vested in the Lone Star State’s governor under Article IV, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution to address invasions. 

Their resolutions emphasize the overwhelming strain the situation places on communities and the pressing need for immediate action to protect their citizens. This fervent reaction from Texas isn’t without merit. 

Opposition to Texas’ Border Measures

During the immigration debate, Texas counties label the state’s border situation as an invasion in alignment with the US and Texas Constitutions.

The surge in illegal immigration has seen a staggering 10 million people enter the country unlawfully since 2021, with Texas bearing the brunt of an estimated 1.9 million illegal entries in fiscal 2023 alone.

In response to the state’s proactive measures, the Biden administration has taken legal action against Texas, challenging laws that empower state law enforcement to arrest and deport illegal immigrants. They argue that such measures impede federal authority in regulating immigration and interfere with US foreign relations.

Additionally, the administration has opposed Texas’ makeshift border fence, claiming it obstructs Border Patrol operations. 

These actions, they assert, frustrate immigration proceedings and operations, echoing their resistance against a border barrier along the Rio Grande.

The clash between Texas counties exercising their constitutional rights and the Biden administration’s stance exemplifies the contentious battle over immigration policies. 

As the issue continues to escalate, it remains a focal point of debate, highlighting the stark divergence between state and federal approaches to address the ongoing border crisis.

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