Fatal Fog-Enveloped Pileup Claims 2 Lives, Injures 9 on California’s I-5


A colossal pileup involving 35 vehicles on Interstate 5 in California resulted in two fatalities and left nine individuals injured.

The calamity unfolded in Kern County, shrouded in thick fog that severely hampered visibility, according to authorities.

The fatal collision transpired on the southbound side of the freeway, leading to the closure of both directions as traffic was rerouted, as reported by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

Caltrans, while acknowledging the tragic incident, refrained from providing additional details, and attempts to obtain comments from the California Highway Patrol and Kern County Fire Department proved unsuccessful.

Emergency responders received a collision report around 7:30 a.m., responding to the scene of the massive pileup, aggravated by the challenging weather conditions characterized by Tule fog, a dense mist following rain in the San Joaquin Valley.

Reports indicate that the collision involved 17 vehicles and 18 big rigs, with Battalion Chief Jim Calhoun of the Kern County Fire Department confirming two fatalities and nine individuals transported to the hospital with unspecified conditions.

Situated approximately 33 miles north of the Los Angeles County line, the incident has led to the prolonged closure of the freeway at Millux Road. 

California Pileup Investigation

A colossal pileup involving 35 vehicles on Interstate 5 in California resulted in two fatalities and left nine individuals injured.

California Highway Patrol investigators are diligently working to reconstruct the sequence of events and ascertain the official cause of the pileup, with spokesperson Tami Grimes confirming two fatalities and promising further details later in the day.

Battalion Chief Calhoun revealed that foggy conditions reduced visibility to about 10 feet when rescuers arrived at the scene. 

CHP spokesperson Grimes disclosed that the collision involved up to 40 vehicles, presenting as three separate collisions in close proximity, including 18 tractor-trailers.

The pileup occurred near the town of Conner, situated north of the snow-prone area known as the Grapevine. 

The region, experiencing hazardous conditions exacerbated by Tule fog, was warned of more perilous weather, with a southbound storm predicted to bring snowfall to the Grapevine and potential ice and wind gusts exceeding 80 mph affecting the corridor north of Los Angeles.

Motorists were cautioned about potential blizzard conditions and low visibility due to blowing snow, emphasizing the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions on the main north-south corridor of the West Coast.

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