Russia Accused of Using North Korea-Supplied Ballistic Missiles in Ukraine Attack


Russia has been accused by both Washington and Kyiv of utilizing ballistic missiles provided by North Korea in its offensive against Ukraine. 

This development suggests a strategic move by Moscow to engage in arms agreements with sanctioned regimes to bolster its military efforts.

 Furthermore, the United States has asserted that Russia is currently in negotiations with Iran for the acquisition of short-range ballistic missiles. 

While US intelligence indicates that Iranian missiles have not yet been delivered to Russia, it anticipates the completion of the deal in due course. 

These claims have received support from Ukrainian officials, including an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s administration, who characterized Russia’s arms deals with Pyongyang and Tehran as constituting a new “axis of evil” in the 21st century.

Russia Fires North Korean Missile into Ukraine, Lands in Uninhabited Zone

Russia has been accused by both Washington and Kyiv of utilizing ballistic missiles provided by North Korea in its offensive against Ukraine.

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US National Security Council, revealed on Thursday that Russia launched a North Korean ballistic missile into Ukraine on December 30, but it landed in an uninhabited area.

Kirby further disclosed that Russian forces fired additional missiles, part of a significant salvo, on January 2, with the impact yet to be assessed.

Russia is actively seeking to replenish its weapon stockpiles, including Soviet-era artillery shells and loitering munitions, turning to North Korea and Iran for this purpose. 

Both Moscow and Kyiv are engaged in a race to rearm after nearly two years of conflict. 

Ukraine is seeking support from Western allies, led by Washington, while Russia is exploring partnerships with other pariah states with less to lose.

South Korean intelligence officials reported in November that Pyongyang had already shipped over 1 million artillery shells to Russia. 

Leaked documents have also indicated Iran’s involvement in constructing a factory for Shahed-136 drones in Russia’s Tatarstan region.

On Friday, a Ukrainian air force official stated that Ukraine had not yet verified the use of North Korean-made missiles by Russia, highlighting that the primary source for these allegations was from Washington. However, other officials in Kyiv have expressed support for the report.

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