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San Francisco Rapper Who Criticized Mayor Breed Faces Alleged Threats from Civil Rights Advocate


San Francisco citizen and rapper Chino Yang sparked controversy with a viral diss track aimed at Mayor London Breed.

Yang’s song, titled “San Francisco Our Home,” lambasted city authorities for their perceived failure to address issues of crime and homelessness, garnering over 45,000 views on YouTube.

However, Yang’s foray into political commentary took an unexpected turn as he publicly apologized to Breed via Instagram, citing threats made against him and his family by an unnamed influential figure. He later alluded to ongoing threats in connection to his video.

This week, Yang made waves by accusing Rev. Amos Brown, a prominent civil rights leader and Breed supporter, of intimidation tactics. Yang shared a social media post by the Asian Justice 

Movement, accusing Brown of visiting his business and allegedly using intimidating language.

San Francisco’s Controversy Unveiled

san-francisco-rapper-who-criticized-mayor-breed-faces-alleged-threats-from-civil-rights advocate
San Francisco citizen and rapper Chino Yang sparked controversy with a viral diss track aimed at Mayor London Breed.

The post claimed Brown had warned Yang’s sister that “the house is on fire,” insinuating potential backlash from the Black community against the rapper. Brown vehemently denied these accusations, labeling them as falsehoods and asserting that no threats were issued. He emphasized that if any threats had occurred, appropriate authorities would have been contacted.

Despite Brown’s denial, Yang has persisted in expressing safety concerns, citing multiple break-ins and vandalism at his restaurant, Kung Food, reported by local outlet KRON. These incidents have exacerbated Yang’s worries about the deteriorating state of law and order in San Francisco, making it challenging for him to provide for his family.

This unfolding saga underscores the tensions surrounding public discourse and safety concerns within the city. 

Yang’s attempt to shed light on societal issues through music has inadvertently entangled him in a larger controversy, highlighting the complexities of addressing urban challenges and the fallout of public criticism within local communities.

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