Ukraine Under Fire: Russian Bombardment Hits Major Cities Post Putin’s Pledge


Ukraine faced chaos as Russian assaults struck its major cities, escalating Putin’s aggressive military campaign in a nearly two-year-long war.

The New Year began with Putin’s vow to heighten strikes, triggering a devastating wave of attacks that targeted Kyiv and Kharkiv.

The assaults, which occurred over the winter holidays, pose a severe challenge to Ukrainian defenses already stretched thin and facing uncertainties over continued military aid from Western allies. 

Meanwhile, Russia alleges shelling in its border areas, blaming Ukraine and threatening retaliation, as evidenced by the unprecedented strike on Belgorod.

The cross-border blasts underscore the pervasive threat faced by civilians, highlighting the persistent danger even as frontline combat edges toward a standstill. In the early hours of Tuesday, missiles struck both Kyiv and Kharkiv, plunging these urban centers into chaos and terror.

Residents described harrowing scenes of destruction and fear as explosions rocked neighborhoods, leaving streets deserted and air raid sirens wailing for hours. 

Ukraine’s Air Force Describes Intensity of Attacks

Ukraine faced chaos as Russian assaults struck its major cities, escalating Putin’s aggressive military campaign in a nearly two-year-long war.

Olga Povalyaeva, a Kyiv resident, recounted the terrifying experience of witnessing her district, Solomianskyi, bear the brunt of the attacks. Buildings were enveloped in smoke, and the force of the blasts shook homes, leaving inhabitants petrified and seeking refuge in shelters.

The toll of the strikes was devastating. In Kyiv, the military administration confirmed at least two fatalities and dozens injured, with residential high-rises ablaze and people trapped inside. 

Mayor Vitali Klitschko lamented the dire scenes, sharing footage of smoldering buildings. In Kharkiv, casualties and widespread damage to civilian infrastructure were reported, exacerbating the human suffering.

Both Ukrainian and Russian forces exchanged accusations of conducting strikes, marking a disturbing turn in the conflict. 

Ukraine’s Air Force likened the assault to one of the most extensive aerial barrages of the war, with Russia claiming precision strikes on military targets using long-range weapons and drones.

As the violence escalates, the toll on civilian lives and infrastructure deepens, casting a shadow of uncertainty and fear over the future of these embattled cities and the broader conflict between the neighboring nations.

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