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Trump Receives Endorsement from House Majority Leader Steve Scalise


The Louisiana House Majority Leader, Scalise, has endorsed Donald Trump for reelection, greatly bolstering Trump’s campaign.

In a statement obtained by Fox News Digital, Scalise praised Trump’s previous tenure, emphasizing the prosperity experienced by American workers and families during Trump’s presidency.

Scalise highlighted the robust economy, with low-interest rates and affordable grocery prices, enabling families to purchase homes and provide for their children. He contrasted this with the current administration, attributing the chaotic situation and financial burdens faced by hardworking taxpayers to President Biden’s governance. 

According to Scalise, Biden’s tenure saw a drastic surge in gas prices, decreased housing affordability, doubled mortgage rates, and a 40-year high in inflation.

Citing national security concerns, Scalise underlined the need for a strong leader to address the surging aggression from foreign adversaries while tackling the challenges at the southern border. He expressed alarm over the record-breaking encounters and apprehensions at the border, along with significant amounts of seized contraband, including fentanyl.

Trump’s Challenges in Securing GOP Nomination

The Louisiana House Majority Leader, Scalise, has endorsed Donald Trump for reelection, greatly bolstering Trump’s campaign.

In Scalise’s view, Biden’s policies have failed to keep communities safe, necessitating a shift in leadership. He firmly believes that American families and workers require a president who will champion their interests and safety while salvaging the nation from what he termed “failed Bidenomics.”

Scalise’s endorsement resonates with Trump’s track record, citing Trump’s capability to restore the nation to greatness. Scalise expressed his pride in endorsing Trump for the upcoming presidential race, expressing confidence that Trump’s leadership could rejuvenate the country.

However, Trump’s path to securing the Republican nomination faces obstacles. Recent attempts in various states, such as Colorado and Maine, sought to remove Trump from their primary ballots due to his association with the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots, invoking the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

Scalise’s support comes at a critical juncture, illustrating a strong backing within the GOP for Trump’s candidacy, despite hurdles posed by certain states’ attempts to exclude him from the primary race.

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