Russia’s Blockade Halts Ukraine’s Acquisition of New Weapons


Vladislav Belbas, director of Ukrainian Armored, accused Russia of sabotaging a major fighter jet deal with an undisclosed country.

Belbas alleged interference during an interview with Economic Truth, shedding light on Russia’s purported efforts to disrupt Ukraine’s military procurement.

Ukrainian Armored, specializing in manufacturing armored vehicles and arms for the Ukrainian military, encountered obstacles despite its prominence as a major arms supplier in the ongoing conflict with Russia. Belbas outlined how Russian interference thwarted negotiations for fighter jets intended for use in the conflict.

Detailing the disrupted deal, Belbas revealed, “We were in the process of negotiating a purchase of fighter jets from a country far away. The seller was willing, and our Ministry of Defense confirmed the necessity. However, a letter regarding the agreement somehow fell into Russian hands.”

Allegations unfolded as Belbas described how a representative from the Russian embassy reportedly utilized the letter to pressure local authorities, ultimately leading to the breakdown of the deal. 

Russia’s Sabotage of Ukrainian Ammunition Production

Vladislav Belbas, director of Ukrainian Armored, accused Russia of sabotaging a major fighter jet deal with an undisclosed country.

Although Belbas refrained from specifying the country involved, speculations have emerged, suggesting Peru as a potential contender, with the sought-after jets believed to be MiG-29s.

Additionally, Belbas highlighted Russia’s broader tactics, citing instances where Russia allegedly impeded Ukraine’s ammunition production by sabotaging their gunpowder manufacturing capabilities, labeling it as a significant bottleneck.

Moreover, recent reports from Voice of America in January 2023 detailed American efforts to assist Ukraine in acquiring weapons from Latin American countries. 

The proposed plan aimed to facilitate the exchange of Soviet-era arms from these nations for more advanced US equipment, bolstering Ukraine’s defense capabilities amid ongoing hostilities.

The accusations raised by Belbas underscore the complexity and challenges faced by Ukraine in navigating its defense needs amidst external pressures, further highlighting the persistent geopolitical tensions affecting global security.

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