BlendJet Alert: Recall Issued for Nearly 5 Million Blenders Sold at Costco, Target, and Walmart


BlendJet Inc. is initiating a recall for approximately 4.8 million portable blenders that were retailed at Costco, Target, and Walmart. 

The recall is prompted by numerous incidents reported to the Benicia, California-based company, including instances of the blender blades breaking during use, product overheating, and catching fire. 

These incidents have led to dozens of injuries and property damage claims amounting to approximately $150,000.

As outlined in a notice released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday, BlendJet has been made aware of 329 cases where the blades of BlendJet 2 Portable Blenders fractured during operation.

Additionally, there were 17 reported cases of overheating or fires. 

The injuries resulting from these incidents include 49 minor burn injuries and one laceration injury.

Check Your Blender: Identifying Recalled BlendJet 2 Units by Serial Number

BlendJet Inc. is initiating a recall for approximately 4.8 million portable blenders that were retailed at Costco, Target, and Walmart.

A range of colors and designs of the BlendJet 2 units subject to recall were available for purchase from October 2020 to November 2023 at various retailers, including Costco, Walmart, Target, and other nationwide stores, as well as on BlendJet’s official website. 

The affected blenders have dimensions of 9.5 inches by 3 inches, weigh 1.5 pounds, and were sold within the price range of $50 to $75.

To determine if your blender is part of the recall, you should inspect the serial number located at the bottom of its base.

If the first 4 digits of the serial number fall within the range of 5201-5542, the product may be subject to the recall.

For confirmation, you can input your serial number on BlendJet’s official website. 

Additional information can be accessed at

 If you have any further inquiries, a form is available on the website, and you can choose “Recall Information” from the dropdown menu to submit your questions.

How to Replace Recalled Units

BlendJet offers complimentary replacements for affected units.

To obtain a replacement, the company requests that you dismantle and cut the rubber seal from the blender base into more than three pieces. 

Subsequently, provide a photo displaying the product’s serial number and evidence of the destroyed rubber seal by either uploading it on the company’s website at or sending it via email to [email protected]

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