Resumption of Apple Watch Sales Follows Temporary Ban Pause


The Apple Watch Series 9 as well as Ultra 2 will be available in select physical Apple stores beginning today, with broader availability expected by Saturday.

The resumption of sales occurred shortly after a federal appeals court intervened, temporarily halting a sales and import prohibition affecting both the Series 9 and Ultra 2 devices. 

This ban had been imposed on Apple following a determination by the US International Trade Commission, which asserted that the company had infringed upon patents held by the medical device manufacturer Masimo.

In response to the court’s intervention, Apple has been granted a temporary allowance to continue selling its watches. 

This provisional permission is contingent upon the company awaiting feedback regarding proposed modifications to its watches, aimed at mitigating the patent-related concerns raised during the legal proceedings. 

In anticipation of the enforcement of the ban on December 26th, Apple proactively halted the sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 across its online and physical retail channels. 

The ban specifically targets devices equipped with a blood oxygen saturation sensor, a feature that has been a component of Apple’s flagship watches since the introduction of the Series 6 in late 2020. 

Apple Granted Temporary Reprieve by Court in Patent Dispute

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 will be available again in some physical Apple stores starting today, with wider availability expected by Saturday.

The court’s decision reflects a temporary reprieve for Apple as it navigates the complexities of the patent dispute.

The changes are set to be decided by US Customs and Border Protection on January 12th. In the absence of that, the court is considering whether to halt the ban as long as it can rule on the patent dispute, which could take months longer.

The lower-priced Apple Watch SE, exempt from this sensor, remains unaffected and continues to be available for purchase. 

While third-party retailers were allowed to sell through their existing inventory of Apple Watches during the ban’s implementation, the import ban would eventually impede their capacity to acquire additional units.

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