Biden Directs Strike on Iran-Aligned Group After 3 US Service Members Hurt in Iraq Drone Strike


President Joe Biden swiftly responded to a provocative drone attack on Monday, ordering retaliatory airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia Hamas in northern Iraq. 

This decisive action came after three US servicemembers sustained injuries in the assault, one of them critically, stirring immediate concern and prompting a rapid series of consultations among top national security officials.

The attack, claimed by the Iranian-backed militia Kataib Hezbollah and its affiliated Hamas, utilized a one-way attack drone, targeting an air base utilized by American troops in Erbil. 

President Biden, spending Christmas at Camp David, was promptly briefed about the incident by White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan. Following the briefing, Biden directed the Pentagon and his security aides to prepare response strategies.

In a coordinated effort involving Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other key officials, Biden’s national security team swiftly convened, reviewing options to counter the aggression. 

Within hours, the President authorized strikes on three locations associated with Kataib Hezbollah and its allies. The retaliatory strikes, executed less than 13 hours after the initial assault, demolished the targeted facilities and likely resulted in casualties among the militants, according to US Central Command reports.

Biden’s Pledge to Protect: Safeguarding American Lives

President Joe Biden swiftly responded to a provocative drone attack on Monday, ordering retaliatory airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia Hamas in northern Iraq.

National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson emphasized Biden’s commitment to safeguarding American personnel in harm’s way, stating, “The United States will act at a time and in a manner of our choosing should these attacks continue.”

This latest attack on US troops comes amidst escalating tensions in the region, tracing back to the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel that triggered a consequential conflict in Gaza. Since then, Iranian-backed militant Hamas have launched numerous assaults on American forces in Iraq and Syria, intensifying the volatile situation.

This retaliatory move by the U.S. follows a pattern of escalating confrontations. Prior incidents involving strikes on Kataib Hezbollah operations centers and missile attacks on American forces have highlighted the growing tensions between the US and Iranian-backed militias. 

Additionally, the US has attributed attacks on commercial and military vessels in the Red Sea to Iran’s support for Yemen’s Houthi militants.

The recent airstrikes underscore a commitment to defending US interests while sending a clear message that continued aggression against American personnel will be met with decisive action. 

As tensions persist, the situation remains fluid, prompting ongoing vigilance and strategic responses to protect American lives and interests in the region.

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