United States Businesses Accelerate Efforts in Rare Earth Production Locally


The United States seeks to decrease reliance on China for Rare Earth Elements by boosting domestic production and prioritizing eco-friendly methods.

For decades, China’s dominance in REE production has left the US grappling with foreign dependency. Scott Dunn, CEO of Noveon Magnetics, highlighted the pressing need for significant investments and years of dedication to establish robust domestic REE facilities.

Noveon Magnetics has pioneered a sustainable approach, bypassing conventional production chains by directly utilizing waste magnetic material in magnet manufacturing. This method not only streamlines the process but also addresses market demands for finished products.

A glaring issue in REE management is the scant recycling rate less than 1% of the world’s REEs are recycled, largely ending up in landfills. Dunn emphasized their recycling process involving dismantling motors and generators, and repurposing materials from old hybrid vehicles for next-generation hybrids.

The imperative for United States self-reliance resonates with political leaders like Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, who stressed innovation to secure the state’s future during his address at Noveon’s factory. Dunn’s decision to relocate the company to Texas was fueled by the state’s favorable manufacturing environment.

United States Initiatives to Bridge the REE Gap

United States seeks to decrease reliance on China for Rare Earth Elements by boosting domestic production and prioritizing eco-friendly methods.

Dunn underscored the increasing role of REE magnets in advancing technologies, from electric vehicles to renewable energy, stressing the magnet’s ubiquitous presence across these sectors.

Simultaneously, efforts are underway to bridge the REE gap. United States Critical Materials and the Idaho National Laboratory are leveraging advanced technologies to fortify the REE supply chain. 

The Idaho National Laboratory, specializing in nuclear research and renewable energy, aims to rival China’s capabilities in REE production and refining.

Noveon’s innovative approach aims to counter China’s dominance by repurposing old magnets to craft new ones, set to be integrated into various applications like automobiles, medical equipment, and renewable energy generation.

The collective focus on reducing reliance on China’s REE monopoly through innovation, sustainable practices, and technology advancements marks a concerted effort toward reshaping the global REE landscape, securing the US’s position in this critical sector.

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