Kansas AG Advises County to Extend Ballot Preservation for Sheriff’s Ongoing Investigation


The action is perceived as an attempt to defend the administration’s lofty targets for electric vehicles and shield the home industry from China’s rising dominance in the market.

Despite no criminal charges being filed in the two-year investigation, Kobach urged the preservation of ballots from 2019, 2020, and 2021, going against state law, which mandated their destruction by the fall of 2022.

In a letter sent to the election commissioner on Wednesday, Kobach emphasized the importance of allowing the Sheriff’s Office to complete its investigation, asserting that it is in the interest of justice and would instill confidence in the electoral system. 

The sheriff, a Republican, has been examining scores of tips about potential irregularities since the fall of 2021 and has raised questions about the integrity of the county’s 2020 elections.

The Johnson County Commission had initiated steps toward the destruction of old ballots earlier this month, having appointed both a Democratic and a Republican observer. 

However, Sheriff Hayden’s request for continued preservation prompted a reconsideration. Hayden’s office has confirmed that the investigation is ongoing but has refrained from providing further details.

Kansas GOP Tightens Election Laws

Kansas’s Republican Attorney General, Kris Kobach, has recommended delaying the required destruction of old ballots in Johnson County, the state’s largest county.

While no evidence of significant problems in the county’s elections has been presented, Kobach’s intervention raises questions about the potential legal implications if election officials proceed with destroying the ballots. Kobach did not specify whether he would file a lawsuit or pursue alternative measures in response.

The conflict in Johnson County reflects broader challenges faced by election officials across the U.S., with baseless conspiracy theories circulating since the 2020 elections. 

In Kansas, the GOP-controlled state Legislature tightened election laws to restore public confidence. Former President Donald Trump’s continued false claims about winning the 2020 election have contributed to a divisive political atmosphere.

Kobach, an early supporter of Trump, served as Kansas secretary of state and vice chairman of a short-lived Trump presidential commission on election fraud. 

His call to delay ballot destruction adds to the ongoing debate about election integrity, highlighting the complexities and controversies surrounding voting processes in the aftermath of the 2020 elections.

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