Texas Organizes Airlift for Over 100 Migrants from US-Mexico Border to Chicago


Texas has escalated its controversial bussing operation, sending a plane with over 120 individuals who crossed the US-Mexico border to Chicago. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s initiative, known as Operation Lone Star, has come under scrutiny for sending more than 80,000 people to Democratic-led cities across the country since last year.

The first flight from El Paso to Chicago occurred a week after the city’s council took action against the influx of migrants. 

Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s mayor, criticized the busloads of migrants and expressed concern about bus operators attempting to drop off people in neighboring cities to avoid penalties. In response to Chicago’s measures, Abbott’s office arranged the flight, heightening tensions. 

The flights come in the wake of Abbott signing a new law allowing Texas police to arrest individuals illegally crossing the border, challenging federal immigration oversight.

Abbott’s spokesperson, Andrew Mahaleris, stated that the flights were a response to Johnson targeting migrant buses from Texas. The move reflects Abbott’s commitment to addressing what he calls a Biden-made crisis at the border.

Texas Border Dispute as a Divisive Political Issue

Texas has escalated its controversial bussing operation, sending a plane with over 120 individuals who crossed the US-Mexico border to Chicago.

The White House criticized the flight, accusing Abbott of using migrants for political purposes. Angelo Fernández Hernández, a White House spokesperson, condemned Abbott’s actions, stating they contribute to a pattern of extreme policies that demonize and dehumanize people.

Operation Lone Star, a multibillion-dollar initiative, involves various measures such as stringing razor wire along the border, installing buoy barriers in the Rio Grande, and deploying additional officers. 

A federal appeals court recently ordered a temporary halt to the Biden administration’s plan to cut concertina wire on the border amid an ongoing legal challenge.

Concerns about living conditions and medical care for asylum seekers sent to Chicago have been raised, with the recent death of a five-year-old boy at a temporary shelter intensifying scrutiny. 

The Texas border dispute has turned into a divisive political issue, made more difficult by its association with financial support for Ukraine’s defense against the Russian incursion. 

Negotiations for a bipartisan border security and immigration deal are underway, addressing issues such as toughening asylum protocols, bolstering border enforcement, and deterring individuals from making the journey.

As Congress enters the holiday recess, leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell released a joint statement indicating progress in the negotiations, signaling potential developments in the new year.

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