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Biden Campaign Pledges to Highlight Democracy Concerns in 2024 Battle Against Trump


President Biden is deliberately focusing his campaign on battleground states as 2024 draws near, honing his criticisms of former President Trump.

Biden intends to base his campaign on the idea that Trump poses a threat to democracy, an approach that is similar to his winning 2020 campaign, according to a campaign strategy blueprint that has been published.

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez emphasized in the memo that the upcoming election is not just about competing governance philosophies but is a critical choice for American democracy and individual freedoms. 

The campaign aims to convince voters that Trump represents an existential threat to democracy through his alleged ability to incite political violence and undermine democratic principles.

Anticipating Trump’s candidacy in the GOP primary, the campaign is actively building its infrastructure and organization. Plans include having battleground state leadership in place by the middle of the next month and thousands of staff ready by early summer. 

The campaign is gearing up for President Biden and Vice President Harris to hit the campaign trail early next year.

Biden’s Confidence Amid Approval Rating Drop

President Biden is deliberately focusing his campaign on battleground states as 2024 draws near, honing his criticisms of former President Trump.

Biden, who has framed the global battle between democracies and autocracies as the central question of his presidency, is now extending this narrative to include Trump as a threat to democracy within the United States. 

The campaign argues that Trump’s alleged campaign of revenge and retribution jeopardizes American freedoms. Trump’s campaign responded, accusing Biden of being an “existential threat to democracy” by using legal maneuvers to disenfranchise voters. 

The White House maintains its non-involvement in the former president’s legal challenges.

Recent polls indicate a close race in a potential 2024 Biden-Trump rematch, with Biden facing challenges in key battleground states. 

Despite a drop in approval ratings over the past year, the Biden campaign remains confident that the president’s approval will rebound as the election approaches, citing past instances of underestimation in the 2020 campaign.

The campaign is poised to emphasize key issues such as abortion, the economy, gun violence, LGBTQ+ rights, Social Security, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act. Vice President Harris will kick off a reproductive freedoms tour in battleground Wisconsin, emphasizing abortion rights as a central pillar of the campaign.

As the campaign gears up for the upcoming election, Democrats are optimistic that Biden’s approval ratings will improve closer to the election, emphasizing the importance of key constituencies coming together as voters pay more attention. 

With state leadership teams in battleground states being announced by mid-January, the Biden campaign aims to be operating at full capacity by early summer.

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