Colorado Robbery Takes Unexpected Turn as Getaway Car Gets Stolen


In a bizarre turn of events, a group of armed robbers faced an unexpected setback in Colorado when their getaway plan backfired spectacularly. 

The Commerce City Police Department revealed that three masked individuals attempted to execute a robbery at the Hi-Lo Check Cashing establishment in a Denver suburb.

However, their meticulously planned heist took an unexpected twist when a female thief, seizing a criminal opportunity, made a bold move by stealing what police suspect was already a stolen vehicle belonging to the robbers. This daring act disrupted the robbers’ escape plan, forcing them to abandon their original getaway vehicle and flee the scene on foot.

The unforeseen turn of events led to the arrest of two of the armed robbers, described by the police as juvenile males. 

The ironic turn of events was noted by Colorado law enforcement with a note of humor. They freely acknowledged that anyone may be outwitted by a fellow participant in their area, emphasizing the event’s unexpected and somewhat humorous aspect.

Colorado’s Unique Police Response

In a bizarre turn of events, a group of armed robbers faced an unexpected setback in Colorado when their getaway plan backfired spectacularly.

Remarkably, no injuries were reported during the robbery attempt. Authorities expressed gratitude toward the unexpected intervention, giving credit to the unknown female car thief for inadvertently aiding in thwarting the robbery.

The female offender received an unusual thank you from the Colorado police department in a lighthearted statement. They said they would like to shake her hand and then joked that handcuffs might be next. They made hints about potential charges of Motor Vehicle Theft for her involvement in the incident.

The unexpected turn of events during the attempted robbery resulted in not just the capture of two individuals suspected of the crime, but it also brought a fleeting instance of humor and light-heartedness amidst an atmosphere typically filled with tension and seriousness.

The Colorado incident serves as a reminder that even well-laid criminal schemes can be thwarted by unanticipated events, thus congratulations go out to the surprise “savior” who unintentionally helped law authorities stop the crime.

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