North Korea Successfully Tests Missile with Potential to Reach Entire US Territory, Japanese Analysis Shows


North Korea’s missile launch has raised global alarm, with Japanese officials worried it could target anywhere in the continental US.

The missile test, indicating a warhead with possible reach across a significant expanse, has ignited tensions and prompted immediate responses from international stakeholders.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida revealed that the flight trajectory of the launched missile suggested it was an intercontinental ballistic mission, estimating a range of approximately 9,300 miles. 

The event unfolded with North Korea conducting two successive ballistic missile launches, prompting Kishida to direct the government to ensure public information and conduct comprehensive safety checks.

While no reported damages surfaced following the launches, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff detected Monday’s launch around 8:24 am. The missile’s path covered roughly 621 miles before crashing into the East Sea.

Global Reaction to North Korea’s Missile Test

North Korea’s missile launch has raised global alarm, with Japanese officials worried it could target anywhere in the continental US.

South Korean military officials labeled the launch a major provocation, emphasizing its disruption to the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula. They pledged to maintain military readiness, keeping a vigilant watch over North Korea’s activities in tandem with the strong US-Korea defense alliance.

In response to the test, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan engaged in discussions via phone with Korean National Security Office Director Cho Taeyong and Japanese National Security Secretariat Secretary General Akiba Takeo. 

The State Department denounced the missile test as a blatant violation of numerous UN Security Council resolutions.

Anticipating the ballistic missile launch, the Japanese Ministry of Defense sent out alerts to ships instructing them to report to Japan’s Coast Guard any falling objects they come across without going near them. Authorities cautioned ships in the area to stay tuned for further information.

The provocative missile test by North Korea has sparked heightened apprehension globally, leading to increased diplomatic dialogue and heightened vigilance among concerned nations over potential escalations in the region.

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