Texas School Tragedy: 10-Year-Old Fatally Hit by Two Vehicles While Leaving


The terrible loss of a young life that profoundly affected the community last week was a profound and tragic event for Arlington, Texas.

Liyah-Grace Holsey, a vibrant 10-year-old from Arlington, met an untimely end after being fatally struck by two cars while crossing a busy intersection around 4 pm on a Thursday. 

The tragic Texas incident happened shortly after she graduated from school, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Around nine o’clock at night, Holsey passed away from her wounds despite the prompt attention and transport to Cook Children’s Medical Center. 

The Texas police report stated that both drivers had a green light when the accident occurred, and they remained at the scene, cooperating with authorities. As of now, no charges have been filed against them.

Liyah-Grace Holsey, a fifth-grade student at Mary Moore Elementary School, was remembered fondly by the school community. Described as a wonderful student who had a deep passion for singing and never missed a choir practice, her school affirmed that she would be profoundly missed and forever remembered.

Texas Tragedy Spurs Advocacy for Enhanced Safety

The terrible loss of a young life that profoundly affected the community last week was a profound and tragic event for Arlington, Texas.

Principal Wendy Baker, arriving promptly at the scene following the tragic incident, conveyed profound sorrow and emotional distress in response to the heartbreaking events that unfolded.

Recalling the incident, Baker accompanied Holsey to the hospital, grappling with the anguish of witnessing a parent’s worst nightmare.

Texas residents have expressed longstanding concerns regarding the safety of the intersection where the fatal accident occurred. 

Leslie Balboa highlighted the recklessness of drivers at the intersection, while Bryan Seely emphasized the prevalence of fast-moving cars and street racing, having witnessed multiple accidents there within a short span.

This tragedy has sparked conversations about the need for enhanced safety measures in the vicinity of the school. However, the Texas Police Department, when contacted by media outlets for comment, did not provide an immediate response.

As the community grieves the loss of young Liyah-Grace Holsey, calls for greater vigilance, stricter traffic regulations, and safety enhancements at such intersections resonate louder than ever. This heartbreaking incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of pedestrian safety and the need for continuous efforts to protect the lives of our children.

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