Ron DeSantis Finally Confronts Trump’s Election Misinformation


DeSantis hinted that if Trump loses in Iowa and New Hampshire’s 2024 primaries, he might claim the elections were stolen.

Speaking during a campaign event in New Hampshire, DeSantis responded to queries regarding Trump’s potential acceptance of election outcomes in these pivotal states.

Anticipating Trump’s response to a loss, DeSantis asserted, “If Trump loses, he will say it’s stolen no matter what,” drawing parallels to Trump’s actions in the 2016 Iowa caucuses, where he contested Ted Cruz’s victory. 

DeSantis added a quip about Trump’s response to not winning an Emmy despite multiple nominations during his reality show tenure on “The Apprentice.”

Trump’s historic reluctance to concede the 2020 election results, coupled with his failure to commit to supporting the 2024 GOP nominee if he isn’t chosen, amplifies concerns surrounding his potential reaction to unfavorable primary outcomes.

Despite DeSantis’ recent pivot towards critiquing Trump, the former president maintains a substantial lead over him in both Iowa and New Hampshire. 

DeSantis’ Economic Critique of Trump

DeSantis hinted that if Trump loses in Iowa and New Hampshire’s 2024 primaries, he might claim the elections were stolen.

DeSantis has strategically directed considerable resources towards winning the upcoming Iowa caucuses, slated to commence on January 15, marking the official start of the presidential primary season.

The Florida Governor, who initially refrained from criticizing Trump, has shifted gears, openly blaming Trump for exacerbating the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic due to his endorsement of lockdowns. 

DeSantis has capitalized on his pandemic management in Florida, asserting that his approach mirrors how he would govern the nation.

During a recent town hall, DeSantis remarked on Trump’s handling of the pandemic’s economic fallout, stating that shutting down the country was a huge mistake, further attributing the nation’s inflationary pressures to Trump’s financial policies during the pandemic’s peak.

DeSantis’ divergence from his previous stance towards Trump signals a calculated strategy to carve his path within the Republican Party, emphasizing his differing approach to governance and policy from that of the former president.

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