Israel Urged by US to Adopt New Approach in Conflict with Hamas


The Biden administration has articulated its desire for Israel to alter its trajectory amidst the present turmoil in Gaza.

Advocating for the country to transition away from large-scale ground operations and move towards a more focused and targeted phase in its fight against Hamas, as relayed by two US officials familiar with the discussions.

During a meeting between White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, specific timelines for this new phase weren’t outlined, emphasizing the need for a transition rather than an immediate cessation.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby highlighted Sullivan’s inquiry into the nature of Israel’s next military actions during Thursday’s White House press briefing. 

Kirby emphasized discussions regarding Israel’s efforts to refine its targeting methods and enhance aid distribution while considering a more surgical and precise approach.

The discussions come at a critical juncture as the death toll in Gaza continues to rise, predominantly affecting women and children. Simultaneously, casualties in Israel from the Hamas attack on October 7 have also been significant, reaching approximately 1,200, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel Defense Minister’s Outlook on Prolonged Conflict

The Biden administration has articulated its desire for Israel to alter its trajectory amidst the present turmoil in Gaza.

Sullivan’s discussions during his visit to the region included robust conversations on civilian protection, emphasizing a shift in focus from high-intensity clearance operations to intelligence-driven, high-value target raids for a more strategic military agenda.

Israeli officials have shared their conceptualized timeframes with US counterparts, indicating a willingness to consider altering their military campaign based on advice and recommendations, 

acknowledging the nuanced nature of the conflict.

US officials have repeatedly stressed the need for restraint to avoid civilian casualties, even as the Israeli military issues warnings to Palestinians to evacuate before bombardments. However, the Palestinians counter that there are no secure places for them to seek refuge.

President Biden, speaking on the issue, highlighted the importance of Israel’s focus on preserving civilian lives while continuing to target Hamas, emphasizing a call for greater caution in military operations.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant previously indicated that the conflict against Hamas might persist for an extended duration, suggesting a prolonged engagement beyond several months.

As diplomatic discussions continue, the hope remains for a strategic pivot in Israel’s approach, prioritizing precision in military actions while minimizing civilian harm amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

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