Putin Remains Defiant and Optimistic in Lengthy Call-In and News Conference


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent statements regarding Ukraine shed light on Moscow’s perspective and objectives in the ongoing conflict. 

During a marathon four-hour news conference, Putin showcased an unwavering stance on Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, offering insights and outlining what the Kremlin perceives as crucial goals for attaining peace in the region.

Putin’s declaration emphasized that peace in Ukraine hinges on achieving specific objectives, notably the so-called de-Nazification and demilitarization of the country. 

The Russian government has consistently propagated the false narrative that Ukraine is governed by Nazis, employing this as a rationale for their military intervention.

The president’s discourse disclosed unprecedented information, revealing that approximately 617,000 Russian service members are presently deployed in Ukraine. This revelation marks the first time any official within the Kremlin has disclosed the number of soldiers involved in the conflict.

Putin’s Discussion on Russia-China Collaboration

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent statements regarding Ukraine shed light on Moscow’s perspective and objectives in the ongoing conflict.

Putin addressed a wide array of topics during the Q&A session, fielding questions from various regions and discussing geopolitical matters. Notably, he highlighted Russia’s burgeoning collaboration with China, citing a trade volume surpassing $200 billion this year. 

Additionally, Putin affirmed the resilience of the Russian economy in the face of Western sanctions imposed following the invasion of Ukraine.

Beyond geopolitical discussions, Putin touched on sensitive diplomatic issues, indicating Russia’s interest in negotiating the release of detained individuals, including Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich and Paul Whelan, a former Marine held in Russia on suspicion of spying. He mentioned ongoing contacts aimed at securing their freedom.

In a lighter moment, a student queried Putin about his concerns regarding artificial intelligence and the existence of body doubles, injecting a moment of levity into the otherwise serious and wide-ranging discussion.

Putin’s news conference provided rare insights into Russia’s position on the Ukrainian conflict, shedding light on Moscow’s objectives, geopolitical relations, and diplomatic pursuits, offering a glimpse into the intricate dynamics shaping the region’s future.

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