Israeli Deployment in Gaza: US Intelligence Highlights Extensive Use of Imprecise Munitions


An updated US intelligence assessment has clarified the nature of Israel’s ammunition in the ongoing war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. 

According to the assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, nearly 40-45% of the 29,000 air-to-ground munitions employed by Israel since October 7 have been unguided, commonly referred to as dumb bombs. The remaining percentage consists of precision-guided munitions.

The use of unguided munitions in densely populated areas like Gaza has raised significant concerns about civilian safety. 

These munitions are inherently less accurate and can pose heightened risks to civilians, potentially contributing to the soaring civilian death toll. President Joe Biden recently remarked on Israel’s actions, labeling them as indiscriminate bombing in Gaza.

Israeli spokespersons have defended their actions, emphasizing their commitment to international law and efforts to minimize harm to civilians. They attribute the civilian risk to the Hamas use of civilians as human shields.

Israel’s Use of Dive Bombing with Unguided Munitions

An updated US intelligence assessment has clarified the nature of Israel’s ammunition in the ongoing war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

The US believes that Israel is employing a tactic called dive bombing in conjunction with unguided munitions to enhance precision. 

However, critics argue that the unpredictable nature of unguided munitions poses a considerable risk, urging the use of more precise weaponry, especially in densely populated areas.

The types of unguided munitions used by Israel remain unspecified, although the Israeli military has been observed using M117 bombs, which appear to be unguided. 

Furthermore, the US has provided Israel with unguided munitions but also equipped them with systems to upgrade these dumb bombs into more accurate, smart ones, such as the Joint Direct Attack Munitions guidance system and the Spice Family Gliding Bomb Assemblies.

The debate surrounding Israel’s use of unguided munitions underscores the complex ethical and strategic considerations in modern warfare. 

As the conflict persists, the choice of weaponry continues to be a critical factor in mitigating civilian casualties and maintaining international norms in warfare.

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