Florida Porch Thief Caught Stealing Packages for Christmas Re-Gifting Scheme


A porch pirate in Winter Haven, Florida, approached gift-giving during the holiday season in a somewhat bizarre way. 

Kensley Mott, 32, was caught on camera red-handed, stealing Amazon packages from front porches in broad daylight.

However, her motive, as per Florida police, wasn’t to hoard the stolen items for herself but rather to re-gift them for Christmas.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Mott followed the delivery vehicle to a nearby area, where he preyed on items sent by Amazon, akin to a contemporary version of the Grinch. 

Based on the surveillance footage obtained from the victim’s home, she was observed removing multiple unclaimed parcels from various doorsteps within a half-hour window, specifically between noon and 12:30 pm on Monday.

Following a prompt identification of Mott from the camera footage, Florida investigators discovered her at her place of employment, a Hungry Howie’s pizza restaurant. Mott admitted that she intended to deliver the pilfered items to other people as Christmas presents when presented with the evidence. 

Florida’s Package Security and Holiday Caution

A porch pirate in Winter Haven, Florida, approached gift-giving during the holiday season in a somewhat bizarre way.

However, when asked to return the stolen packages to their rightful owners, she outright refused, displaying a dismissive attitude towards her actions.

In response to the incident, Sheriff Grady Judd made the amusing comment, “This is not ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.’ This is Kensley the red-nosed criminal. Locked up. Porch pirate.” Judd brought attention to the fact that porch piracy is common during the holidays and advised people to take preventative measures, suggesting the use of security systems to deter such thefts.

Mott’s record of criminal activities, which stretches as far back as 2016, encompasses prior apprehensions related to minor theft, significant theft, and possession of illegal narcotics.

Consequently, she was arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of grand theft, felony petit theft, and two counts of burglary of a dwelling. This event in Florida should serve as a reminder to be cautious over the holidays and to make sure delivered gifts are secure. 

The story of the red-nosed porch pirate is an odd if foreboding, tale of holiday thievery, and it continues to be investigated by Florida officials as they seek to assure justice.

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