Hunter Biden Alleges Second Amendment Infringement in Bid to Dismiss Gun Charges


Hunter Biden has mounted a staunch defense against recent gun and tax charges, contesting the legality and motivations behind the accusations. 

His defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, launched a multifaceted challenge against the gun case, citing constitutional breaches and political motivations as grounds for dismissal.

Lowell argued that the charges against Hunter Biden should be dismissed due to violations of the Second Amendment, referencing a prior appeals court ruling that found the law in question infringes upon Second Amendment rights. 

Additionally, he contended that the charges violated immunity provisions established in a plea deal that prosecutors abandoned amid criticism from Republicans.

The attorney vehemently stated, “These charges are unprecedented, unconstitutional, and violate the agreement the U.S. Attorney made with Mr. Biden. This is not how an independent investigation is supposed to work, and these charges should be dismissed.”

As the legal battle intensifies, the prosecutor, Special Counsel David Weiss, has yet to respond to Hunter Biden’s assertions, including the contention that Weiss’s appointment wasn’t conducted correctly. The prosecution has a deadline of January 16 to present their response to Biden’s arguments.

Hunter Biden Facing Multiple Charges

Hunter Biden has mounted a staunch defense against recent gun and tax charges, contesting the legality and motivations behind the accusations.

The initial plea deal, designed to protect Hunter Biden from facing additional charges in the event of a reelection of former President Donald Trump, fell apart during the summer months, failing to hold as intended.

Prosecutors now pursue three felony gun counts in Delaware and nine tax counts in California, alleging Hunter Biden evaded $1.4 million in taxes between 2016 and 2019.

The firearm charges against Hunter Biden are relatively unusual in non-violent offenses, with an appeals court recently overturning laws that restrict gun ownership solely based on past drug use. 

This particular ruling, which emerged after the implementation of updated Supreme Court guidelines concerning gun legislation in 2022, has sparked widespread discussions and controversies regarding the protection and interpretation of Second Amendment privileges throughout the country.

While the specific rulings may not directly apply to Hunter Biden’s case, the legal landscape surrounding gun ownership and nonviolent crimes has become a focal point, adding complexity and intensity to the ongoing legal saga surrounding the President’s son.

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