President Biden Takes Flight from Los Angeles Following Weekend Fundraising Blitz


President Joe Biden bid farewell to the City of Angels on Sunday after a weekend of vigorous fundraising efforts mingled with both warm support and sporadic unrest. 

Departing from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) aboard Air Force One, Biden concluded a whirlwind visit that saw him navigating a series of engagements, juxtaposing high-profile fundraising galas with social initiatives.

Amidst sunny skies contrasting with atypical chilly weather, Biden, alongside First Lady Jill Biden, embarked on a mission to galvanize financial support, crisscrossing the affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles for a series of high-stakes fundraising endeavors. 

Sources close to the president’s campaign revealed a formidable goal of raising approximately $67 million for the final quarter of the year, propelling Biden into an extensive web of gatherings, predominantly hosted in exclusive private residences.

While no notable protesters or well-wishers gathered at the airport for Biden’s departure, the President and First Lady encountered a diverse response during their stay. 

Their visit was marked by significant fundraising events, including engagements on the East Coast with notable figures like singer-songwriter James Taylor and high-value gatherings near the White House.

Biden’s Fundraising Event with PA Governor Shapiro

President Joe Biden bid farewell to the City of Angels on Sunday after a weekend of vigorous fundraising efforts mingled with both warm support and sporadic unrest.

In the future, Biden will continue his fundraising tour in Philadelphia where he is scheduled to appear with Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, who is a possible presidential candidate in 2024. 

Additionally, a planned reception in Maryland involving Democratic Governor Wes Moore, renowned for his influence on young voters during Biden’s campaign, is in the pipeline.

Amid these activities, First Lady Jill Biden pursued initiatives centered on women’s health research, visiting Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to tour research laboratories as part of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research. 

However, alongside these activities, reports emerged of vandalism during protests near the president’s appearances, underscoring a mixed reaction to his presence.

Despite the absence of widespread demonstrations during Biden’s stay, localized pro-Palestinian protests cropped up in Pasadena and Disneyland in Orange County, reflecting a diverse spectrum of sentiments greeting the president’s visit to the West Coast.

As Biden’s trip concludes, it’s evident that while the fundraising goals seemed on track, his visit stirred varying reactions and activities across the social and political landscape of California.

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