Florida Police Officer Resigns Following Multiple Shoplifting Arrests


A shocking incident unfolded at a Walmart in Haines City, Florida, resulting in the arrest of a police officer and a woman accused of shoplifting. 

The episode came to light when the pair reportedly failed to scan items before bagging them during multiple visits to the store.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of 48-year-old David Griffin, a Haines City police officer since 2019 who has since resigned from the department. Griffin was apprehended over the weekend alongside 28-year-old Shelbi Dubose, both facing charges related to shoplifting.

While praising Haines City’s police department, Sheriff Grady Judd expressed disappointment, saying, “It is always disappointing to me when someone in Florida law enforcement commits a crime and betrays the trust of their community.” He also affirmed accountability for Griffin’s actions, emphasizing that his resignation upon arrest was the only appropriate course of action.

The arrest stemmed from an incident where a Walmart employee noticed Griffin placing items into bags without scanning them. Although the employee intervened and rectified the issue, Griffin and Dubose allegedly continued the illicit act once alone. 

Their attempted exit prompted store security to intervene, revealing a discrepancy in scanned and unscanned merchandise totaling $343.22.

Integrity Assurance in Haines City PD, Florida

A shocking incident unfolded at a Walmart in Haines City, Florida, resulting in the arrest of a police officer and a woman accused of shoplifting.

Following an additional Florida inquiry, Griffin was found to have been engaged in four thefts that occurred on various dates, three of which were allegedly committed by Dubose. Griffin and Dubose are both charged with five counts and four charges respectively of retail petit theft.

The Haines City Police Department’s Chief, Greg Goreck, condemned the incident, stating, “The recent arrest of one of our officers is deeply troubling and contrary to the values of our department.” 

Emphasizing their commitment to integrity, he assured the public that such behavior did not represent the dedicated officers striving to serve the community with honor.

Goreck highlighted their zero-tolerance policy towards such actions and reinforced their commitment to maintaining public trust through accountability and transparency. Had Griffin not resigned, swift and decisive action leading to his removal from duty would have ensued.

To maintain community faith and respect for the badge, it is crucial that law enforcement personnel, in particular, uphold ethical conduct. This is demonstrated by the Florida incident.

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